Mysterious Edward Druzolowski: Unveiling the Man Behind the Jaw-Dropping Incident – A Riveting Tale of Deadly Consequences in Florida


This blog article provides comprehensive information about the crime committed by Edward Druzolowski in DeLeon Springs, Florida. It covers various aspects of the incident, including details about the crime, the victim, and the charges against the suspect. Let’s delve into the details.

Edward Druzolowski Arrested for Fatally Shooting Neighbor’s Son in DeLeon Springs, Florida

A shocking incident unfolded in DeLeon Springs, Florida, when a 78-year-old man named Edward Druzolowski reportedly shot and killed his neighbor’s son, Brian Ford. The tragic event took place on Sunday, September 17, as Brian was pruning tree limbs at his mother’s house. This blog article provides a detailed account of the crime and its aftermath.

What Led to Edward Druzolowski’s Crime?

The incident occurred when tensions escalated between Brian Ford and Edward Druzolowski, as Brian was pruning trees near the fence that borders Druzolowski’s property. The suspect’s property sits adjacent to a lot owned by Linda Ford, Brian’s mother. According to authorities, Druzolowski approached Brian and asked him to leave his property. Druzolowski admitted to authorities that he threatened to shoot Ford if he didn’t comply with his demand.

Edward Druzolowski is still being held without bond while a court hearing is scheduled.
Edward Druzolowski is still being held without bond while a court hearing is scheduled (Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, WESH screenshot).

The Tragic Death of Brian Ford

According to an affidavit obtained by NBC News, Edward Druzolowski claimed that when Brian Ford started approaching him, he fired multiple shots. Tragically, Brian was wounded and died on the spot. The shooting unfolded in front of Brian’s eight-year-old son, who was present in the yard during the incident.

Linda Ford, Brian’s mother, shared her heartbreaking account of the tragedy. She revealed that her grandson witnessed the shooting and wanted to lay on top of his deceased father after the shots were fired. Druzolowski allegedly pointed the gun at Brian’s son and Linda before walking towards the fence line.

911 Calls and Charges Against Edward Druzolowski

Following the shooting, two 911 calls were made. Druzolowski’s wife made one of the calls, stating that her husband did not intend to kill Brian but only wanted to alarm him with the firearm. Linda, the victim’s mother, made the other call, informing the operator about Brian’s death but expressing concern that the shooter was still armed.

Edward Druzolowski was arrested on the same day and charged with second-degree murder. He is currently being held without bond, and a court hearing is scheduled.

This incident has brought immense grief to the community of DeLeon Springs, Florida, emphasizing the need for peace and empathy. It serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that can unfold when conflicts escalate. Our thoughts go out to Brian Ford’s family during this difficult time.


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