Neil Walter: Who is he? Man threatens a congressman with death before claiming to be going to kill the FBI director

FLINT, MICHIGAN: A Michigan man was detained after threatening to kill Congressman John Garamendi and FBI Director Christopher Wray because he thought they were part of a child sex ring. Neil Walter, 32, accused a number of people in a string of online posts, including several members of Congress, Twitter CEO Elon Musk, and actor Tom Cruise.

On November 3, Democrat John Garamendi of California got a threatening call that said, “John. Hello, John You will pass away, John. Authorities located Walter’s Facebook page where he had claimed that the FBI, CIA, and a number of police departments had driven a child slave rape ring out of the Capitol building in Washington. Walter had written, “You’re gonna die.” He is accused of making death threats against FBI Director Christopher Wray on November 19 while Wray was broadcasting live on Facebook. Walter’s parents reportedly told investigators that their son was mentally ill and not receiving treatment, according to FBI agent Sean Thomas’ affidavit. Walter even posted a meme about “the two sides of mental illness” on his Facebook page in April 2020.

Christopher Brown, the antisemitic perpetrator of the threat against the NYC synagogue, intended to shoot himself in the head.

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Michigan police tracked down Neil Walter's influence on social media where he made remarks about Tom Cruise and Elon Musk, and also threatened to kill high profile members of the society (Niel Walter/Facebook)

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