On livestream video, a Chicago judge is seen mocking Bill Cosby’s former lawyer.


Judge William Raines of the Cook County Circuit Court was recently caught on a live stream mocking high-profile civil rights attorney Jennifer Bonjean. Judge Raines was seen calling Bonjean’s performance in court ‘nuts’ and ‘insane,’ in addition to making inappropriate remarks about his appearance.

‘Did you see her go completely insane?!’ The judge mocked Bonjean’s appearance in court while she was defending a client, saying, “Glasses off, fingers through her hair, phone’s going all over the place, it’s insane.” Two state prosecutors also chimed in, agreeing with Raines while making their own inappropriate remarks while their microphones were on the whole time. Assistant State Attorney Susie Bucaro commented, “That was so entertaining.” “Can you imagine waking up next to her every day?” the judge replied, later adding, “Can you imagine waking up next to her every day?” “Oh my God,” a courtroom observer exclaimed as the incident unfolded live on camera.


The son of а murdered womаn leаps over а courtroom bаrrier to аttаck the mаn who аllegedly’shot аnd killed’ his mother.

While on triаl for previous chаrges, а dаring womаn tries to sell crystаl meth in а courtroom.


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