Parents built child a stylish tiny house in their backyard with impressive decorations and an LED bed, which has impressed others.


A Dutch woman named Bente Pleijsier has been living a life of luxury in a beautifully decorated tiny home on the Frisian Islands in the Netherlands. In a recent TikTok video, Bente gave her followers a tour of her little oasis, complete with unique features and stylish furnishings.

The tour began with Bente’s desk, which is large enough to accommodate her laptop, notebooks, calculator, lamp, and even a jewelry stand. Located right next to the backyard, the desk area offers a peaceful and serene work environment. As Bente showed her followers, the doors leading to the garden were wide open, allowing natural light and fresh air to fill the space. Her adorable black-and-white corgi could be seen resting in front of the doors, enjoying the tranquility of the backyard.

Moving on to the living room, Bente revealed a cozy setup featuring a grey couch, a wall picture of her beloved corgi, and a stylish standing lamp. To add a touch of personality, she adorned the couch with pillows in various shades of green and dusty rose. The overall ambiance of the living room exuded warmth and comfort.

Heading towards the bedroom, Bente showcased a chic white armoire with silver finishes and a mirror in the center. This elegant piece of furniture added a touch of sophistication to the tiny home. Next to the armoire was Bente’s full-sized bed, which was fitted with eye-catching green LED lights. The LED lights added a playful and vibrant vibe to the bedroom, creating a truly unique sleeping experience.

The final part of the tour took us to the bathroom, where Bente showcased a luxurious waterfall shower head and sink. The bathroom appeared to be modern and stylish, fitting perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the tiny home. However, observant followers might have noticed that there was no door for the bathroom, and Bente did not reveal the presence of a toilet. The absence of these elements raised some questions about the functionality of the tiny home.

Despite these minor missing elements, Bente’s tour of her tiny home garnered immense love and appreciation from her TikTok fans. The comment section was filled with praises for her beautiful and well-decorated living space. Comments like “That’s dope,” “Love it,” and “Dit is zo cute” flooded the video, showcasing the admiration and adoration of her followers.

In conclusion, Bente Pleijsier has created a breathtakingly beautiful tiny home in the Frisian Islands of the Netherlands. With her impeccable taste and design choices, she has transformed her backyard into a cozy haven filled with stylish furniture and unique features. Although some elements may be missing, Bente’s tiny home is an inspiring example of how to make the most of limited space and create a functional and aesthetically pleasing living environment.


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