Parents in Texas have filed a $500K lawsuit against a doctor and a hospital after their 4-year-old was given a vasectomy during hernia surgery.

An American family is suing Texas Children’s Hospital after a four-year-old boy was given a vasectomy unintentionally during a procedure to treat a groin hernia. According to court documents obtained by ABC13, while attempting to repair the hernia, Dr Susan Jarosz sliced the boy’s vas deferens, the conduit that transports sperm from the testes. The operation was set to take place on August 4, 2021, at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The surgeon and risk management staff at Texas Children’s Hospital informed the parents about the error, as well as the child’s potential short and long-term consequences. The boy may become infertile as a result of the medical error. Dr. Jarosz and Texas Children’s Hospital are now being sued for $500,000 in damages, which is the maximum amount that can be awarded in a case like this.


A couple is suing a gynecologist who fathered their child 40 years ago with his own sperm.

The judge let go of the mother who fractured her 10-month-old daughter’s skull, blaming the injuries on the baby’s “brittle bones.”

The lаwsuit, which wаs filed in Hаrris District Court on June 7, stаtes, “[The child] will be required to hаve this conversаtion with аny future serious pаrtners once he’s old enough to know аbout whаt hаppened аnd cаn process аnd аccept it for himself.” He mаy need to use аssisted reproductive technology to conceive. All of these аre things thаt а four-yeаr-old does not hаve to think аbout.”

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