Passengers Unite in Support of Beloved Golden Retriever During an Emotionally-Charged 6-Hour Train Journey


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A golden retriever who embarked on an epic train journey with his owner has been giving his fellow passengers plenty of “paws” for thought.

Americans remain largely divided on the topic of traveling with pets. In a 2021 survey of 10,000 people conducted by travel company eDreams, 42 percent of American respondents said they found the idea of traveling with a pet appealing, compared to 35 percent who don’t.

Coconut the golden retriever’s owner certainly had some concerns before she set off on a six-hour train journey with her beloved pet pooch.

Coconut the golden retriever. His owner had been worried about taking him on the train for such a long time.

Writing in a caption that accompanied one of her dog’s most recent TikTok videos, she explained that she had been worried he would find the whole experience “too stressful.”

However, as the resulting clip showed, those worries proved largely baseless. In fact, Coconut’s experience could serve to show that traveling with pets really isn’t as difficult as some may have otherwise assumed.

Much of that was down to the reaction of Coconut’s fellow travelers, many of whom rallied round the fluffy pet pooch, putting him at ease in the process.

In the video uploaded to coconutsmileygolden, the happy-go-lucky retriever can be seen being treated to petting aplenty. There were even a few chest rubs thrown in for good measure, with Coconut behaving impeccably throughout.

The strokes seem to rain down on Coconut from every direction and he’s only too happy to receive them. It all added up to a win-win situation with train passengers delighted to get an opportunity to pet a well-behaved dog and the golden retriever put at ease in the process.

Coconut proved a pup-ular figure on the lengthy journey, but that was nothing compared to the reaction of his fans on social media.

At the time of writing, the video chronicling his journey had been watched over 412,000 times with viewers reacting with delight to the sight of the pet pooch heading off on his travels.

Many simply wished they were there. “I’d pay an extra to be in this carriage,” one wrote, with another commenting: “I would sit down on the floor with this fluffy.” A third went one further, writing: “I would give my seat and sit on the floor for this cutie.”

One viewer spoke for many when he said: “Lil mans livin his best life on that train,” while another praised the fact there appeared to be “so many emotional support Hoomans” on the train.

Elsewhere, one TikToker praised Coconut for being “such a good dog,” adding that it “would be a very happy journey for everyone.”

Newsweek has contacted coconutsmileygolden for comment.

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