Patrick Schwarzenegger amazed by Logan Paul’s PRIME’s exponential growth, foreseeing its potential as a dynamic and lucrative public enterprise.


PRIME: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Reacts to the Astonishing Growth of Logan Paul and KSI’s Energy Drink Company

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick seems to be impressed with Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink company PRIME’s profit since the last one year.

On social media, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eldest son enjoyed talking about a variety of topics. The actor is a huge sports lover, despite not choosing to pursue bodybuilding like his father did.

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PRIME hydration is co-owned by KSI and Logan Paul (@loganpaul/Instagram)

Patrick Schwarzenegger Reacts to PRIME’s Growth

Patrick Schwarzenegger saw some news about PRIME that really shocked him. In response, he gave a huge prediction on the firm that will make Paul and KSI $500 million.

On X (Twitter), Patrick frequently shares articles he finds inspiring. He provided a PRIME by CPG WIRE update. The news source reported on the phenomenal expansion of Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink business.

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A screenshot of the tweet by CPG Wire (@cpgwire/X)
A screenshot of the tweet by CPG Wire (@cpgwire/X)

“PRIME launched in January of 2022 and will deliver more than $500M in year two revenue,” CGP Wire wrote in the caption.

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The media source also contrasted PRIME’s development with that of BODYARMOR, one of the most well-known names in the fitness sector. “For context, BODYARMOR was founded in 2011 and didn’t surpass $250M in sales until 2018. Wild,” the news outlet wrote.

Patrick was impressed by the numbers and ended up tweeting, “This is f***ing insane. Could easily be (a) public company in a year.”

A screenshot of the tweet posted by Patrick Schwarzenegger (@PSchwarzenegger/X)
A screenshot of the tweet posted by Patrick Schwarzenegger (@PSchwarzenegger/X)


In July 2023, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed concerns about PRIME energy drink, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicated it would look into them.

Due to the high caffeine concentration in the energy drink, according to Schumer, PRIME, a beverage company founded last year by YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI, should be looked into. He also noted that it was being sold to youngsters.

A 12-ounce serving of Prime Energy has 200 milligrams of caffeine, which is about equivalent to six Coke cans or two Red Bulls.

The business also offers a hydration beverage without caffeine. In an earlier statement, Schumer said that the two beverages’ packaging and advertising were so similar that parents were mistakenly purchasing the highly caffeinated energy drinks for their children.

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