Prince Harry’s Incendiary Scowl Looms Threateningly in Captivating Viral Video, Potentially Unleashing a Powerful Storm


A Royal Mark of Disapproval: Princess Margaret’s Viral Glance

Princess Margaret, the only sister of Queen Elizabeth II, has recently become the subject of a viral video on TikTok, gaining over a quarter of a million views. Referenced by Prince Harry in his memoir, the video captures a significant moment as Princess Margaret glances disapprovingly at Frances Shand Kydd, Princess Diana’s mother, following the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Public interest in Princess Margaret has grown in recent years, thanks to the popularity of the Netflix series “The Crown,” where she is portrayed as a glamorous yet troubled figure. Her relationship with Princess Diana and her evolving role within the royal family adds complexity to her story.

The Notorious Glance

In the uploaded TikTok video, user margorvse captures Princess Margaret’s moment of disapproval outside St. Paul’s Cathedral after the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in July 1981. She is seen conversing with her sister, Queen Elizabeth II, before turning her gaze toward Frances Shand Kydd. The video’s caption humorously emphasizes the significance of the glance, highlighting Princess Margaret’s expression with the words, “Nothing, absolutely nothing…Margaret 👀.”

The Resurgence of Princess Margaret’s Story

Princess Margaret’s life story has experienced a resurgence in recent years, thanks in part to the popular Netflix series “The Crown.” The show portrays her as a rebellious and enigmatic character who faced societal constraints on love and marriage within the royal family. One of the defining moments in her life was her forbidden relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend, an older divorced member of the royal household, during the 1950s.

A Rebellious Princess and an Outsider

As the “spare” to Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret developed a close relationship with Princess Diana. Diana, in an interview with her biographer Andrew Morton, reveals that she held a deep affection for Margaret, referring to her as “Margo.” Diana describes Margaret as a supportive figure within the royal family, saying, “I love her to bits, and she’s always been wonderful to me.”

A Changing Relationship

The dynamic between Princess Margaret and Princess Diana reportedly changed over time. By the time of Diana’s death in 1997, Margaret had taken the side of her nephew, Charles, during the couple’s 1996 divorce. This shift in allegiance reveals the complexities within royal relationships and the shifting dynamics within the family.

Prince Harry’s Perspective

In his memoir titled “Spare,” published in January 2023, Prince Harry reflects on his relationship with his great-aunt, Princess Margaret. He recalls her intimidating presence and describes her famous “scowl” that could apparently kill a houseplant. Despite being related, Harry felt a sense of distance from her and wondered if she even had an opinion of him.

Legacy and Controversy

Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones, a society photographer, in 1960. Together, they had two children. Her imperious and intimidating reputation grew over time, and her final years saw her taking sides in the royal family’s dynamics. Princess Margaret’s story and legacy will likely be explored further in the final season of “The Crown,” which is set to air this winter.


Princess Margaret’s viral glance and her complex role within the royal family continue to capture public interest. Through various depictions in popular culture and personal accounts, her character emerges as one of intrigue and rebellion. As she navigated the constraints imposed by the monarchy and British establishment, Princess Margaret’s life remains a fascinating subject for exploration and discussion.

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