Prince Harry’s Triumph: Ordered to Pay £48,000 in Libel Case.


{{Prince Harry Ordered to Pay Publisher More than £48,000 After Losing Bid to Strike Out Defence in Libel Case}}

Prince Harry Ordered to Pay Publisher More than £48,000 After Losing Bid to Strike Out Defence in Libel Case

Prince Harry has been ordered to pay the publisher of the Mail on Sunday more than £48,000 after losing his attempt to strike out part of the paper’s defence in a libel case.

Duke of Sussex’s Legal Battle

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the publishers of the Mail on Sunday, Associated Newspapers. The case stems from an article published by the newspaper regarding his dispute with the Home Office about the decision to remove his automatic police protection after he stepped down as a working member of the Royal Family.

Publisher’s Defence

Associated Newspapers has argued that the article in question expressed an “honest opinion” and did not cause “serious harm” to Harry’s reputation. The publisher has maintained that its publication was within the bounds of free speech and journalism.

High Court Ruling

In a recent development, the Duke of Sussex’s attempt to have the “honest opinion” defence struck out was unsuccessful. A High Court judge decided that the defence should be included and that the case should proceed to trial, ruling that the publisher had a “real prospect” of arguing its case.

Court Costs

As a result of his failed attempt to challenge the publisher’s defence, Prince Harry has been ordered to pay the publisher’s legal costs amounting to £48,447 by 29 December.

Original Article and Allegations

The article in question, published in 2022, was titled “How Prince Harry tried to keep his legal fight with the government over bodyguards a secret… then – just minutes after the story broke – his PR machine tried to put a positive spin on the dispute.” Harry has claimed that the article was libellous as it attacked “his honesty and integrity.” His legal team argued that it is inaccurate and suggested that he had “lied” and “cynically” attempted to mislead public opinion.

Upcoming Legal Proceedings

If a settlement is not reached by both parties, a libel trial is scheduled to be held between May and July next year, shedding light on the legal battle between Prince Harry and the publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

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