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The Rising Trend of Gun Ownership Among Registered Democrats

Recent data from a NBC News poll has revealed a significant increase in the proportion of registered Democrats who have a firearm in their home, especially over the past few years. The survey conducted in November 2023 found that 41 percent of Democrats reported living in a household with a gun, marking a noticeable rise from 33 percent in August 2019. This trend becomes even more apparent when comparing it to the 33 percent reported in a similar survey back in March 2004. The survey polled 1,000 registered voters between November 10 and 14, shedding light on the changing landscape of gun ownership.

Republican Gun Ownership and Overall Statistics

The data also indicates a slight increase in gun ownership among registered Republicans. In November 2023, 66 percent of registered Republicans reported living with a firearm, up from 64 percent in August 2019. On the whole, the survey found that 52 percent of registered voters have a gun in their household, up from 46 percent in 2019. Consequently, the rising trend of gun ownership is not limited to any one political party but seems to be a prevalent phenomenon across the spectrum.

Expert Insights

Expert opinions on this rising trend are divided. Professor Kleck of Florida State University attributed the increase in Democratic gun ownership to the recent surge in crime in major cities. This perspective is supported by the fact that the US experienced a dramatic increase in violent crime, as evidenced by the record high of 21,570 homicides in 2020, the highest figure since 1995. Notably, Democratic-run states and cities such as New York and Oakland were particularly affected by the uptick in crime, possibly influencing the decision for households to arm themselves.

Response from the National Rifle Association

Billy McLaughlin of the National Rifle Association (NRA) echoed Professor Kleck’s sentiments, attributing the rising gun ownership to an increase in crime rates and a perceived lack of adequate law enforcement and criminal prosecution. McLaughlin emphasized how these factors have led everyday citizens to assume responsibility for their own safety and defense, culminating in the rational response of increased gun ownership.

Analysis of Changing Political Bases

On the other hand, Professor Deana Rohlinger drew attention to the intense political divide in the US and suggested that the decision to purchase a gun is a response to heightened levels of uncertainty, fear, and personal safety concerns. She pointed out that the decision to own a gun may also be influenced by individual assessments of personal safety, particularly among LGBTQ+ individuals and racial minorities.

Diverse Considerations and a Historical Perspective

From a broader perspective, historical data shows that the recent surge in gun ownership among Democrats is not entirely unprecedented, as it could be seen as a return to the US historical norm. The changing landscape of political affiliation and the social fabric of American society are contributing factors to the decisions households make regarding their safety and defense.

In Summary

The rising trend of gun ownership among registered Democrats reflects a complex interplay of factors, including crime rates, perceptions of personal safety, and political affiliations. As the US grapples with ongoing societal changes, it becomes increasingly important to understand the underlying reasons driving this trend.


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