Revealing the Astonishing Secrets of X-Ray Scans Unveiling ‘Alien Bodies’ in Mexico


Are Aliens Among Us? The Mystery of the Peruvian Specimens

Two small “non-human” bodies, displayed to the Mexican Congress last week, have been subjected to a CT scan and X-rays in a bid to determine their origin, and confirm whether they are aliens, or “not part of our terrestrial evolution,” as the self-styled UFO expert who presented them said.

The small humanoid shaped specimens were presented by Jaime Maussan, who claimed they had been discovered in Peruvian mines and were “around 1,000 years old, of antiquity” based on carbon analysis by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Each body, which is roughly comparable in size to a newborn human baby, has what appear to be eyes, ears, and a nose clearly visible.

Questioning the Authenticity

However, online skeptics claim they appear to be the same specimens included in a 2020 documentary released on the conspiracy-focused website Gaia. In the documentary, palaeontological experts concluded that the specimens contained a combination of human and non-human bones with incorrectly positioned joints.

These doubts cast a shadow of uncertainty over the credibility of Maussan’s findings and raise questions about the specimens’ true nature.

The Forensic Approach

The CT scan and X-rays were conducted by José de Jésus Zalce Benitez, a forensic scientist who was also involved in a now-debunked reported discovery of aliens in 2015. Benitez claimed his analysis proved that the two specimens are from “a non-human species that has irrefutable differences with what is described in the biology and taxonomy of the Darwinian species evolution tree.” He further asserted that they are “100% organic and biological.”

These claims by Benitez present a fascinating possibility that challenges our understanding of terrestrial life and offers the prospect of contact with beings beyond our own planet.

A Paradigm Shift

Benitez’s investigations not only suggest the existence of a new species but also propose the idea that various cultures from around the world may have encountered these non-human beings in the past. If his conclusions are valid, it would revolutionize our understanding of history and the scope of life in the universe.

However, it is essential to approach these claims with caution and subject them to thorough scrutiny and independent testing to ensure the authenticity of the specimens.

Recurring Figures: The Doubtful History

Both Maussan and Benitez were involved in the 2015 discovery of what some at the time claimed was an alien, but later turned out to be a mummified human child. This prior incident raises concerns about the reliability of their findings and highlights the need for rigorous investigation.

David Spergel, a NASA-affiliated researcher and president of the Simons Foundation, emphasizes the importance of independent testing. He asserts that if there is something anomalous or extraordinary about these specimens, they should be made available to the wider scientific community for examination.

The involvement of NASA in this matter holds tremendous significance, and the insights of their experts could provide valuable perspective on the authenticity and origins of these mysterious entities.

A Bigger Disclosure?

The display of the specimens to the Mexican Congress accompanied the recent hearing in the US House Oversight Committee, where claims of a secret UFO program were made by former intelligence officer David Grusch. While the Department of Defense denied the existence of such programs, the growing interest and bipartisan support for further investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena indicate a shifting stance on the matter.

The pressure to establish a select committee to delve deeper into the UFO phenomenon suggests a potential turning point in our efforts to uncover the truth about extraterrestrial life.

In conclusion, the discovery of these small non-human bodies has ignited a renewed interest in the possibility of aliens among us. While skepticism surrounding their authenticity persists, the involvement of reputable forensic scientists and the call for independent testing encourage a thorough exploration of their origins. As the world awaits further scientific investigation, this mysterious revelation opens the door to a paradigm shift in our understanding of life on Earth and the potential existence of beings from other worlds.


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