Revolutionary Bible-Based Curriculum Sparks Fiery Debate Among Passionate Florida Parents


The Controversy Surrounding the Use of Personal Finance Textbooks with Bible Verses in Florida Schools

Florida parents group denounces conservative Christian indoctrination in public schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his stance against indoctrination in education

The Sunshine State’s restrictions on teaching certain topics in classrooms

Parents in Pasco County object to the inclusion of Dave Ramsey’s personal finance textbook

An evangelical church group is pictured leading a prayer with high school students in Palm Beach County, Florida.
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Upcoming hearing to address objections to the textbook

Concerns raised about conservative bias and shaming of poor children

Parents’ petition against the use of biblical quotes and the author’s political affiliations

Additional criticisms of Dave Ramsey’s financial advice

Statements from Pasco County School Board member and district director

Comparison to controversial video lessons from PragerU

Florida’s approval of PragerU lessons but discouragement in Pasco County

Dennis Prager’s acknowledgment of indoctrination goals


A parents group in Florida is currently raising concerns about the use of a personal finance textbook in their children’s schools. The book in question, written by conservative Christian finance guru Dave Ramsey, includes Bible verses. These parents argue that its inclusion is an attempt to indoctrinate their kids with conservative Christianity.

Governor Ron DeSantis and Indoctrination in Education

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is also a 2024 presidential candidate, has been vocal in his opposition to what he perceives as indoctrination in education. He has vowed to prevent the “far-left woke agenda” from infiltrating Florida’s schools. DeSantis’ stance on indoctrination brings attention to the controversy surrounding the personal finance textbook.

Restrictions on Teaching Controversial Topics

Florida’s education system has previously rejected school materials that are deemed to indoctrinate students. The state has also enacted bans on discussing sexual orientation, gender identity, as well as limiting teachings on race and institutional racism. These guidelines contribute to the concerns raised by parents about potential bias in the personal finance textbook.

Parents Object to Inclusion of Dave Ramsey’s Textbook

Eight Pasco County residents have voiced objections to the use of Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance textbook in their children’s schools. Their concerns range from the inclusion of Bible verses and the promotion of conservative fiscal values to allegations of “shaming” poor children. These parents are urging officials to reconsider the use of this textbook.

Evangelical church group leading a prayer with high school students in Florida
An evangelical church group is pictured leading a prayer with high school students in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Photo credit: robert wallis/Corbis

Parent Petition and Rejection of Bible Verses

One parent, Mark Young, expressed his objection to the teaching of the textbook, particularly the biblical quotes and rhetoric included. Young cited the author’s affiliation as a well-known right-wing media spokesperson to support his argument against the use of these materials in a secular classroom. Another parent, Brian Kelley, emphasized that Bible verses do not belong in public schools.

Criticisms Beyond Religion and Politics

The objections to the textbook extend beyond religious and political concerns. Dave Ramsey’s judgment in providing financial advice has been called into question due to a lawsuit filed against him. A group of his radio show listeners filed a $150 million lawsuit alleging fraud related to a company that Ramsey advertised, which offered an opportunity to “exit” costly timeshare contracts.

Responses from School Board and District Director

While parents are expressing their objections, Pasco County School Board member Colleen Beaudoin has stated that she does not have concerns about the textbook being used in the school district. She rejects the notion that it contains inappropriate bias. Additionally, Lea Mitchell, the district’s Leading and Learning director, also dismissed the complaints by highlighting that the book includes quotes from historic figures like Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, in addition to Bible passages.

Comparison to Controversial Video Lessons from PragerU

At least one parent drew a parallel between the controversy surrounding the personal finance textbook and the video lessons produced by right-wing content creation organization PragerU. PragerU is known for opposing what it considers “woke agendas infiltrating classrooms.” Although Florida recently approved the use of PragerU lessons in schools, Pasco County schools discourage their usage.

Indoctrination Goals Acknowledged by Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager, the conservative talk radio host and founder of PragerU, admitted during a conference that the organization aimed to “indoctrinate kids.” While defending this form of indoctrination, Prager argued that it was not inherently negative. This admission serves as additional context regarding concerns raised about potentially indoctrinating materials and resources used in education.


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