‘RHOA recap’: Marlo calls Kandi a ‘ho’ who ‘f–ked everyone for free’ on the show.

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Kandi Burruss has been chastised for forcing her castmates to wear vibrating underwear.

Drew Sidora of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ talks about his past relationship with a ‘certain king of the NBA.’

Andy Cohen irritated Kandi Burruss when he inquired about her father with her daughter Riley.

Drew no longer wears his wedding ring due to marital problems with Ralph, according to the ‘RHOA’ recap.

These peaches are turning sour. 

On Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Marlo Hampton described Kandi Burruss as a “ho” who “f–ked everybody for free.”

The remark came after Hampton and fellow cast member Shereé Whitfield expressed their displeasure that newbie Sanya Richards-Ross had invited Burruss to a recent function but not them.

“Do you think Sanya isn’t up to something?” Hampton, 46, told Whitfield, 52, privately during a cooking party hosted by Richards-Ross, “Bitch, Kandi is that bitch, Kandi has the followers.”

“Sanya just say, ‘Bitch, I’m trying to promote [my blog] MommiNation, I ain’t been on the track in 15 years, I got 20 goddamn people living in this goddamn house,'” Hampton continued.

Hampton dragged Kandi Burruss, Sanya Richards-Ross, and even Kenya Moore, and Shereé Whitfield listened intently.

She went on to say that the former Olympian is teaming up with Burruss, a successful musician and businesswoman, to gain clout or money.

Hampton and Whitfield went after Burruss, 46, after dragging Richards-Ross. After learning that the latter “Housewife” was having relationship problems with her ex-con beau Tyrone Gilliams, the duo were upset that the Grammy winner didn’t reach out to Whitfield.

“But you don’t even have it in your heart, Kandi,” Hampton lamented to Whitfield, who responded, “She’s for herself.”

Burruss is “for herself,” according to Hampton, who also claims that the “Kandi & the Gang” star has a promiscuous past.

“To begin with, Kandi was a jerk.” She claimed to have f–ked everyone for free. “That p–sy wasn’t good, and that bitch was a scumbag.” That’s why you have to date people who are in your tax bracket, OK?”

Hampton slammed Burruss, calling him a “ho” who “f–ked everyone for free.”

Hampton’s shady remarks were co-signed by Whitfield, Burruss’ long-time friend. She stated, “Preach.”

Burruss, on the other hand, was not last on Hampton’s list. Kenya Moore was also verbally attacked behind her back.

“And Kenya, ‘I was Miss USA and I have Kenya Moore [Haircare],'” Hampton mocked the pageant queen-turned-businesswoman.

“Bitch, you were a goddamn video ho!” she added, claiming that “[Kenya] went through every rapper in America and didn’t get a ring.”

“Facts,” Whitfield huffed again, agreeing with Hampton’s claims.

Hampton is a full-time peach holder for the first time in Season 14 of “RHOA.” Bravo to Stephanie Eley/Bravo to Stephanie Eley/Bravo to Stephanie Eley

Burruss informed Richards-Ross, 37, and Moore, 51, in the kitchen that she suspected Hampton and Whitfield of mischief outside.

She speculated, “They’re probably plotting.” “They say they want to be best friends.” “Get the f—k out of here,” says the narrator.

Burruss previously told Page Six that she and Hampton have an “explosive” fight on this season of “Atlanta,” and that while they patched things up after filming, the two are feuding again off-camera.

On Carlos King’s “Reality With the King” podcast, Hampton slammed Burruss for her frequent sex talk on “RHOA,” accusing her of not doing enough for the Black community.

“Do something for the African-American culture.” We’ve already had our fill of babies and illnesses. “Kandi, we don’t need any more s–t about sex,” she said.

Off-camera, the beef between Burruss and Hampton has resurfaced. imageWire

Burruss said she was “tired” of Hampton’s “bulls—t” in a subsequent interview with The Neighborhood Talk.

“She irritates my mother-in-law,” the XScape singer admitted. “I’ve done a lot more good in the community than they have.” I don’t mind saying it: I set up all of my businesses in Black neighborhoods so that we can create more jobs. “What is she doing?” says the narrator.

On Sundays at 8 p.m., “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” airs. On Bravo, it’s ET.

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