Rob Gronkowski Joins in the Sensational ‘Roman Empire’ TikTok Craze!


Rob Gronkowski: The Roman Empire Trend and More

The viral “Roman Empire” trend has taken over TikTok, captivating people from all corners of the globe. Surprising as it may be, retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski didn’t shy away from joining in on the fun. Known for his exceptional football skills and charismatic personality, Gronk has always been one to stand out from the crowd.

Gronkowski’s Unforgettable Prime

Beyond dominating the NFL gridiron, Gronkowski was unguardable, both in terms of his talent and his infectious personality. Whether it was spiking the ball after scoring a touchdown, sharing colorful anecdotes, or simply having a good time, Gronk was always true to himself.

The Roman Empire Trend Continues

Even in retirement, Gronkowski refuses to be boxed in. While some retired athletes conform to a more corporate image, Gronk proudly displays his unique personality. This is evident in his response to the Roman Empire trend.

Rob Gronkowski at the Ice Shaker's Boats, Bottles, and Bros Media Event
Rob Gronkowski attends the Ice Shaker’s Boats, Bottles, and Bros Media Event at The Tall Ship on July 12, 2022, in Boston. How often does the former tight end think about the Roman Empire? The answer may surprise you. – Lisa Dragani/Getty Images

Gronk’s Thoughts on Ancient Rome

Thanks to the internet, various aspects of our lives have merged into one interconnected space. This phenomenon becomes apparent when Gronkowski is asked about ancient history. A popular TikTok trend has women questioning their partners about their thoughts on the Roman Empire. Most women expect the answer to be infrequent, but Gronk had his own response.

In a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Gronkowski humorously replied, “Only when I watch the movie Gladiator.” However, he went on to provide more insight into his viewing habits and thoughts on Ancient Rome. “So, once every three years,” he added with a nod.

Dispelling Stereotypes: Gronk’s Brilliance

It’s easy to fall into stereotypes and assume Gronk is just a “dumb jock” due to his response and reputation as a football player who enjoys partying. However, according to former teammate Julian Edelman, there’s more to Gronkowski than meets the eye.

Edelman revealed on the Kelce brothers’ New Heights podcast that Gronk may not focus on watching film, but he possesses an impressive football knowledge. Edelman compared Gronk to Rain Man, citing his exceptional memory for numbers. When Gronk makes a mistake and is coached on it, he never repeats it. His retention of football-related information is remarkable, and he often surprises teammates with his intellectual abilities.

Jason Kelce, also a witness to Gronkowski’s brilliance, shared a similar sentiment. Though Gronk may appear to be a “big dumb jock” at first glance, engaging in a conversation with him reveals his true depth.


Rob Gronkowski’s participation in the Roman Empire trend on TikTok sheds light on his ongoing zest for life and refusal to be confined by societal expectations. While the retired tight end may not frequently contemplate ancient history, his unique personality and intellectual abilities make him far from a mere football player.


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