SEC Chairman Gary Gensler testifies before Congress on Bitcoin following the price drop of the Snook coin.


As the price of Snook coin falls, US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler will testify before the Senate Banking Committee today on cryptocurrency. According to the New York Times, Gensler wants more protection in crypto trading, lending, and finance, and plans to discuss the environmental risk of such currencies as Snook coin, which is currently trading at a loss. Meanwhile, Interactive Brokers Group announced on Monday that their platform now supports low-cost cryptocurrency trading. “U.S.

,” according to Reuters. Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash will now be available for trading and custody alongside stocks, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds for U.S. clients of the brokerage. ”

Earlier this year, there was talk of Walmart accepting Litecoin as a form of payment, but the retailer quickly dismissed the claims as false.

The news comes after Ukraine legalized Bitcoin following El Salvador’s adoption of it as legal tender.



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