Shannon Beador Grills Ex John Janssen on Romance with RHOC Alum Alexis Bellino – Exclusive Interview!


Shannon Beador Questions Ex-John Janssen’s Romance with RHOC Alum Alexis Bellino

When Shannon Beador learned her ex-John Janssen had a new hookup, she was hit with a triple whammy heartbreak. Not only was Janssen moving on from her, but he was doing so with her former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” castmate, Alexis Bellino. The same Alexis who’s the ex-wife of Shanon’s legal nemesis, Jim Bellino. Ouch. So, it’s little wonder Shannon has more than a few questions regarding the hot new romance.

The Telltale Signs of Trouble

There were plenty of red flags that Shannon and Janssen were doomed from the start. For starters, Shannon was fresh out of her messy divorce from David Beador when they started dating. Then, there’s the fact that the couple was dating for three years but didn’t spend nights together, go on any couples trips, or discuss long-term future plans. Tamra Judge had plenty to say about that, not surprisingly. “Shannon and John not talking about getting married is a huge red flag,” Judge shared in an on-camera confessional. “They’ve been together [for] three years, and no talk of marriage at their age? It doesn’t sound right.”

Still, Shannon totally didn’t see the breakup coming. “All I can do is repeat in my head what he said to me while we were filming. We were in a great place. But seven days later, when the cameras were down, it was a completely different story,” she told People. Given the situation, it’s only natural that Shannon is struggling to come to terms with Janssen’s new “RHOC” romance.

Love Lost and Boundaries Crossed

Shannon Beador and John Janssen’s relationship regularly came under scrutiny amongst her “The Real Housewives of Orange County” castmates. Still, Shannon remained a staunch defender of their romance until the bitter end, so she was blindsided by his sudden and unexpected decision to call it quits. And when Shannon discovered Janssen had moved on to her fellow “RHOC” alum, Alexis Bellino, she was reeling.

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve been hurt,” Shannon told E! News on December 6, two days after learning the identity of Janssen’s new squeeze. Shannon said she was “confused” by his decision to date Alexis as he’d always insisted he wanted to stay out of the media glare. Let’s face it: hooking up with another Real Housewife isn’t exactly going to guarantee anonymity. “He’s thrust himself more into the public eye at this point,” Shannon opined. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Janssen was aware of Shannon’s legal struggles with Jim Bellino, a battle in which Alexis was very much involved. “I was financially and emotionally devastated for years,” she said. “And I won. But it devastated me financially. And I’m a single mom. John’s aware of that.”

Real Housewives Drama

Shannon Beador isn’t the only former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star with something to say about Alexis Bellino and John Janssen’s new romance. Vicky Gunvalson also has her opinions because, of course, she does. “Ridiculous and thirsty on both of them,” she commented on an Instagram pic of the two.

Gunvalson continued her tirade in a brief comment to Celebuzz. “What Alexis is doing is downright gross,” she said. “You know how bad this would hurt her, and you did it anyways. What happened to being religious and righteous?” Gunvalson concluded by sharing that she felt let down by both Janssen and Bellino. The shade set off a war of the words between her and Bellino.

“Very disappointing to see this from someone I considered a friend,” Bellino commented on her Instagram Stories (via People), alongside a copy of Gunvalson’s article. She clapped back with an accusation that Gunvalson was desperate for clickbait, as her Coto Insurance business was floundering. Bellino signed off with a flourish of passive aggressiveness. “Happy Holidays!” She wrote. Gunvalson wasted no time launching a counterattack. She claimed on X, formerly known as Twitter, that Coto was “thriving” and that she was merely sharing her thoughts, not seeking attention. “At least I have a business and don’t have to depend on a man,” Gunvalson sniffed, sealing the deal with the hashtags “happy holidays” and “I’m a good friend.”


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