Shannon Beador’s shocking scandal: Arrested for DUI and hit-and-run charges following her jaw-dropping car crash into a residential abode!


Shannon Beador’s Car Seized After DUI and Hit-and-Run: Details and Charges

Newport Beach, California: Shannon Beador, star of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ found herself in legal trouble after allegedly crashing her car into a house and fleeing the scene. On Sunday, September 17, Beador’s car was seized by the police following her arrest for DUI and hit-and-run. Let’s delve into the details of the incident and the charges against her.

Shannon Beador’s Actions and Arrest

According to TMZ, Beador is said to have struck a house with her vehicle in Newport Beach. She quickly turned her car around and left the area. However, concerned citizens alerted the police, who soon caught up with her. Beador had continued to drive for a short distance before parking her car in the middle of the street and getting out with her dog, Archie.

When authorities arrived at the scene, they observed Beador appearing to walk her dog. It became evident to them that she was under the influence of alcohol, leading to her subsequent arrest.

Charges Against Shannon Beador

A representative for the Newport Beach Police Department revealed that Beador was booked for two misdemeanors—DUI alcohol and hit-and-run. She was then cited and released without the need to post a bond. The incident has caught significant attention, given Beador’s reality TV persona and the popularity of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County.’

Shannon Beador Takes Responsibility

Following her DUI arrest, close friend and reality star Jeff Lewis disclosed that Beador has decided to seek treatment. Lewis stated on his show, ‘Jeff Lewis Live,’ that Beador is scheduled to enter counseling. He emphasized that he does not believe Beador to be an alcoholic but someone facing personal struggles who has turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

The arrest and subsequent decision to seek treatment come in the wake of Beador’s split from her boyfriend, John Janssen, after a three-and-a-half-year relationship. Beador’s emotional state and personal struggles may have contributed to the incident and subsequent legal charges.


Shannon Beador’s car was seized after her arrest for DUI and hit-and-run in Newport Beach, California. The reality TV star allegedly crashed her vehicle into a house before fleeing the scene. The charges filed against her include DUI alcohol and hit-and-run, both misdemeanors. Beador’s decision to seek counseling indicates a recognition of personal struggles and a desire to address them. As this situation unfolds, fans and followers will be watching closely to see how it impacts her personal and professional life.



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