Stephen King’s Viral Trump and Biden Showdown: Unleashing Unparalleled Brutality!


Stephen King Takes Aim at Donald Trump on Twitter

Stephen King, the renowned horror author, has never been shy about his disdain for Donald Trump. In a recent social media post, King once again criticized the former president, comparing him to current President Joe Biden. The post, which has garnered millions of views, has sparked both agreement and disagreement among users.

Stephen King’s Comparison

In his Twitter post, King shared side-by-side photos of Biden and Trump. The image of Biden shows the 80-year-old president riding a bike, looking energetic and wearing a helmet. On the other hand, Trump can be seen leisurely sitting in a golf cart wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. King’s caption accompanying the photos read, “Biden looks pretty good. The guy on the right is your basic Great American Manslob.”

Reactions to King’s Post

As expected, King’s post ignited a mixed reaction from Twitter users. Some agreed with him, expressing their support for his views. One Twitter user called Trump the “Hero of the stupid,” while another exclaimed, “YES!! Stephen, you are soooooo right!” However, there were also those who defended Trump and criticized King. One user advised King to “Stick to fiction,” while another accused him of seeking attention and making delusional statements about Biden.

Body Shaming Controversy

The post also prompted a discussion on body shaming. Some users criticized King for “fat-shaming” Trump, expressing their disapproval of his comments. One user stated, “Not a good take,” while another sarcastically remarked, “Fat shaming is a great sign of progressive tolerant stances.” Others argued that the focus should not be on physical appearances but on more important factors, such as the ability to prevent nuclear war.

King’s Criticism of Trump

This is not the first time Stephen King has publicly criticized Donald Trump. Throughout his presidency, King was an outspoken critic, denouncing Trump’s policies and actions. In 2018, King condemned Trump’s plan for a border wall with Mexico and warned people not to befriend the former president, using a quote from the movie “Lethal Weapon 2” to make his point. As a Democrat, King joined hundreds of American writers in condemning Trump’s election win in 2016. Although he initially endorsed Elizabeth Warren during the 2020 presidential primaries, King later pledged his support to Joe Biden after Warren suspended her campaign.


Stephen King’s latest tweet comparing Donald Trump and Joe Biden has sparked a heated debate on social media. While some users agree with King’s criticism of Trump, others defend the former president and criticize King for his comments. The post also brought attention to the issue of body shaming. Regardless of the differing opinions, it is clear that Stephen King remains a vocal critic of Donald Trump.


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