Steve Harvey has finally addressed Shirley Strawberry’s leaked jail call where she discussed his wife Majorie with her ex-husband.


Steve Harvey Opens Up About Controversial Comments Made by Co-Host

In a recent phone call that was leaked to the public, Steve Harvey’s co-host Shirley Strawberry made some controversial comments about him. As a result, Steve has now addressed the situation and shared his thoughts on the matter. This incident has caused quite a stir among fans of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, where the two work together.

During the leaked phone call, Shirley spoke candidly about her boss and his wife, Marjorie Harvey. She mentioned that she had visited their mansion in Atlanta and suggested that she was only able to do so because Marjorie was away and Steve was “scared” of his wife. Shirley also hinted that Steve was in poor health, claiming that he got winded when walking up the stairs of his home.

After the leaked call surfaced, Shirley took to social media to apologize to Steve and Marjorie. She acknowledged that her words were hurtful and apologized for any pain she may have caused. Steve, in turn, responded on live radio, defending his marriage and expressing empathy towards Shirley. He made it clear that he understood the frustrations people sometimes vent in private conversations.

While some social media users supported Shirley, believing that everyone makes mistakes and deserves forgiveness, others were more critical and believed that she should face consequences for her actions.

In addition to this controversy, there have also been unfounded rumors circulating about Marjorie Harvey cheating on Steve. The couple has been the subject of speculation and gossip, with some alleging that Marjorie had an affair with Steve’s personal chef and bodyguard. Both parties have denied these rumors, and Steve has reassured fans that their marriage is fine.

Steve addressed the rumors during an event, making it clear that they were baseless and that he and Marjorie are doing well. He urged people to focus on more important things and not to waste time spreading false information.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the leaked phone call involving Shirley Strawberry and her comments about Steve Harvey has caused quite a stir. Steve has addressed the situation, expressing empathy towards Shirley and defending his marriage. Meanwhile, unfounded rumors about Marjorie cheating have also circulated, but Steve has reassured fans that their relationship is solid. It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact The Steve Harvey Morning Show and the dynamics among its hosts.


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