Steve Harvey struggles to keep his composure as Family Feud contestants deliver hilariously incorrect answers.


Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey, has provided viewers with some of the most outrageous wrong answers in game show history. Contestants have given responses that are not only far from the survey answers but also from reality itself. One memorable moment occurred in 2013 when a contestant confidently answered “Hose” when asked for a boy’s name starting with the letter H. The audience applauded the response, but it was nowhere to be found on the board. Another contestant in 2012 answered “upine” when asked to name something that follows the word “pork.” These incredibly wrong answers have become viral sensations, with fans finding humor in the contestants’ confidence and Steve Harvey’s reactions.

In 2018, a contestant named Nathan provided an unexpected response when asked to name a country a man with a mustache should visit to meet a woman with a mustache. He answered “France,” which received a few laughs from the audience. However, the following contestant, Darrell, guessed “Paris,” not realizing that it is a city within France. Steve Harvey comforted Darrell, telling him not to worry about it as he knew it wouldn’t be on the board. The moment became a hit on YouTube, with viewers laughing at Darrell’s attempt to steal the round.

During another episode in 2014, contestant Rell was asked to name something that’s hard to do with your eyes open. His response? “Read.” This answer left Steve Harvey dumbfounded, and he even pointed out that Rell was a college student. The audience found humor in Steve’s interaction with Rell’s mother, who was in the audience and looked disappointed. The clip of this moment also went viral, with fans remarking on the absurdity of the answer.

One of the most memorable wrong answers came in 2010 when a contestant named Dirk answered “the president of the United States” to the prompt “Name someone a man might not want to know that he uses Viagra.” Steve Harvey couldn’t contain his amusement and roasted Dirk for his response, sarcastically saying that the president had more important things to worry about than someone using Viagra. This moment showcased Steve’s quick wit and ability to entertain even when faced with a surprising answer.

Fans have praised Steve Harvey for his hosting skills and the way he handles these bad answers. Many have commented on his facial expressions after hearing ridiculous responses, finding them hilarious. Some have compared him to a teacher dealing with students who don’t follow instructions. Despite the absurdity of the answers, the contestants’ families still offer their support and applaud them, which adds to the entertainment value of the show.

Beyond his role as the host of Family Feud, Steve Harvey has had a successful career in showbiz. He is a well-known comedian and has appeared in various TV shows and movies. However, his path to success was not easy. In a 2021 podcast interview, Steve revealed that he became homeless after quitting his job to pursue stand-up comedy. With unwavering determination and a refusal to have a backup plan, he eventually made it in the industry and became a household name. It is reported that Steve earns $10 million per year hosting Family Feud, solidifying his success and making him a true success story.

Overall, Family Feud has provided audiences with countless moments of laughter and disbelief thanks to the contestants’ wild and absurd answers. Steve Harvey’s reactions have become just as famous as the answers themselves, and fans continue to appreciate his hosting skills. With each wrong answer, the show remains a source of entertainment and surprises viewers with the unexpected.


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