Stunning Photos Unveil Devastated Russian Submarine Obliterated by UK-Made Storm Shadow Missiles in Daring Crimea Assault!


Photos Show Severe Damage to Russia’s Rostov-on-Don Submarine Following Attack in Crimea

Photos have emerged allegedly showing severe damage inflicted on Russia’s Rostov-on-Don submarine following an attack at a naval base in Crimea – with experts saying the vessel looks like a “total loss”.

Details of the Attack

The attack occurred at a shipyard in the Crimean port of Sevastopol, home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. The photos, posted by the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), show the damaged submarine and a landing ship that was also targeted. According to Ukrainian military sources, the attack involved British Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

Expert Analysis and Damage Assessment

Thord Are Iversen, a Norwegian defense analyst and former Royal Norwegian Navy officer, provided the images and gave his assessment of the damage. Both missile strikes pierced the submarine’s hull, causing significant damage to the torpedo and living compartments as well as possibly to the auxiliary rooms. Mr. Iversen stated that the extent of the damage suggests that the submarine is a “total loss”.

Possible Repairs and Replacements

While repairing the submarine is theoretically possible, Mr. Iversen believes it would be a lengthy and costly operation that would require transporting the vessel to St Petersburg. He suggests that it may be more practical to build a new submarine as a replacement.

Impact of the Attack

This attack is believed to be the first hit by Ukraine on a Russian submarine since the war began. Ukrainian military intelligence official Andriy Yusov stated that the damage to the two naval vessels is considerable and highly likely beyond repair. However, Russia’s defense ministry claims that the damaged ships will be fully repaired and return to service.

Ongoing Conflict and Ukrainian Attacks

The Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, serves as a major logistics hub for the Russian military in the current invasion. As a result, it has become a regular target of Ukrainian attacks. The recent attack on Sevastopol is described as the biggest since the beginning of the war.

Russian Air Defense Systems

In addition to the submarine attack, Russia’s defense ministry reported that its air defense systems destroyed at least six drones targeting Crimea from different directions. The extent of damage or casualties resulting from these attacks was not disclosed.


The attack on Russia’s Rostov-on-Don submarine has caused severe damage and is considered a significant blow to the Russian navy. Experts believe that the vessel may be beyond repair. The ongoing conflict in Crimea continues to intensify, with Ukrainian attacks targeting key military installations. The situation remains tense as both sides escalate their tactics in the war.


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