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Thousands of Minors Undergoing Life-Altering Surgeries: The Disturbing Truth

It is déjà vu for parents. First, we were told Critical Race Theory wasn’t being taught in our schools. Then, we were told radical activists were not targeting our children with sexual content. And now, we have been fed the lie that no minors are undergoing surgeries to alter their gender. However, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) confirms what many parents have long feared – thousands of minors have been subjected to life-altering breast removal operations and genital mutilation surgeries.

Children as pawns and the myth of “gender-blocking”

Do not believe the lies that children are only put on so-called “hormone blockers” and given time to decide their gender when they are older. This is a myth, and the numbers now prove it. According to the JAMA study conducted by researchers at Columbia University, thousands of young individuals have undergone “gender-affirming surgeries,” also known as sex change operations, in our country.

The alarming numbers and shocking reality

Estimating the number of “gender-affirming surgeries” between 2016 and 2020, the JAMA study reveals the shocking truth. In those five years, an estimated 48,019 patients of all ages underwent procedures, with 7.7 percent (3,678) falling between the ages of 12 and 18. Yes, you read that correctly – surgeries conducted on children as young as 12! These procedures include “breast/chest surgery,” “genital surgery,” and other unspecified “cosmetic surgery.”

Of the 3,678 minors, 3,215 opted for “breast/chest surgery,” 405 underwent “genital surgery,” and 350 chose unspecified “cosmetic surgery”. These barbaric procedures involve mutilating genitalia, often requiring tissue removal from other parts of the body. The risks include permanent biological dysfunction and potentially lethal infections.

The irreversible consequences and the plea for sanity

We do not have to speculate about the danger of these operations. In a widely discussed study of transgender surgery, an 18-year-old died from an infection after doctors attempted to create a “neo-vagina.” These surgeries cannot be fully reversed, and in many cases, reversal is not even an option. Young girls having their breasts removed today will one day realize that they can never breastfeed a baby, while boys undergoing life-altering mutilations will likely never be able to father children. These consequences are dire, especially for children, and demand immediate attention.

Wake-up call for society – Genital mutilation is genital mutilation

In a recent interview, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) described the outrage of his Democratic colleagues when he referred to these procedures as “genital mutilation.” The term is not an overstatement; it is the stark reality of what is happening. Around the world, societies have opposed and worked to stop genital mutilation. Yet, clinics are now set up, claiming to affirm and encourage these procedures on our children. This distortion of reality must be rejected.

Mental health crisis and the absence of improvement

Studies reveal that sex change operations do not improve mental health outcomes for teens and adults. “Affirming” the child’s gender should mean addressing the mental confusion that leads an impressionable child to believe they were “born in the wrong body.” However, in the world of “transgender medicine,” opposite-sex hormones and genital mutilation are mistakenly referred to as “gender-affirming.” It is time to question this disturbing narrative and prioritize mental well-being.

Protecting our children – the battle for their future

Our children are the innocent victims of this cultural battle, and as mothers, we stand on the front lines. Moms for America has been at the forefront of defending parental rights and protecting our children from such harmful interventions. We must recognize that it is our responsibility to safeguard our children, as they belong to us, not the teachers’ unions, not the schools, and certainly not the government. The new information on the alarming number of transgender surgeries in our country must serve as a wake-up call for all those who doubted the gravity of this battle for the soul of our nation.

It has been almost three years since the data for the JAMA study, leaving us to wonder how many more children have been subjected to these procedures. Parents must unite and take action against this threat to our children’s health and happiness. Now is the time to demand answers from those who have stripped our children of their innocence and compromised their well-being.

Kimberly Fletcher, founder, president, and CEO of Moms for America, urges us to raise awareness and fight for our children’s rights. The battle is far from over, and it is only by coming together that we can secure a better future for our children.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own.


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