The Cut Crease Eyeshadow Hack on TikTok is revolutionary.


It’s about time to up the glam and go bold with some statement-making eyes with the holiday season just around the corner. While some looks are simpler to create than others (such as a simple wash of glittering pigment all over the lids or an elongated wing à la Euphoria), more complex techniques can be a little more difficult, especially for makeup minimalists… As an example? Eyeshadow with a cut crease.

While celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, and others who are frequently seen sporting the look are fortunate enough to work with a professional makeup artist most days, BeautyTok has (yet again) taken it upon themselves to create a genius hack to achieve the look without professional help. In the end, is that all you need? a curler for lashes.

Beauty girls are quickly drawing the ideal shape for their cut crease using the soft half-moon curve that the lash curler produces, and then blending upward with eyeshadow to create the ’60s-inspired shape. And as most makeup gworls are aware, getting both sides to match can occasionally be the most difficult step, something that this hack also assists with. And while there is still some artistic skill required (especially when attaching the cut crease to a wing), the genius-level trick easily establishes a strong foundation.

It’s no secret thаt some TikTok beаuty tips cаn be а bit of а bust (for exаmple, the unаnticipаted fаux freckle crаze only seemed to work аbout hаlf the time), but others, like this one, аre surprisingly useful. Whаt аbout some other people who hаve so fаr been given the chаllenging nod? To nаme а few notаbles, reverse hаir wаshing, using liquid blush to brighten the аreа under the eyes, аnd nаil slugging.


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