The Enigmatic Odinism Unveiled: Lawyer Alleges Delphi Murders Victims, Liberty and Abigail, were Sinisterly ‘Sacrificed’


Title: Delphi Murder Case: Lawyers Allege Link Between Suspect and Odinism, a Pagan Norse Religion


Delphi, Indiana, has been in the headlines due to a high-profile murder case involving the deaths of two teenage girls, Liberty German and Abigail Williams. Recently, lawyers for the suspect, Richard Allen, made shocking claims that the victims were killed by members of ‘Odinism,’ a pagan Norse religion and white nationalist group. In this article, we will explore the background of Odinism, its association with white supremacist ideology, and the arguments put forth by Allen’s defense team.

1. Odinism Defined

Odinism is a polytheistic religion originating from ancient Scandinavia, where the Norse god Odin was revered as the chief deity. Modern reconstructionist organizations, such as the Odinic Rite, focus on Germanic paganism, folklore, mythology, and runes. However, it is important to note that the modern interpretation of this religion has been associated with white supremacist ideology at times.

2. The Historical Context

The term ‘Odinism’ was first used by Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle in 1841 and gained prominence when Australian barrister Alexander Rud Mills reintroduced it in the late 1930s. The Odinic Rite, founded in 1973, further expanded in the 1990s with branches in Germany, France, and North America. According to David V Barrett in ‘A Brief Guide to Secret Religions,’ the Odinic Rite considers Odinism as the natural religion of the people of Northern Europe.

3. Allen’s Lawyers’ Claims

In their unsealed legal documents, Allen’s lawyers, Bradley Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, allege that the victims were “ritualistically sacrificed” by members of Odinism. They argue that key information linking Odinism to the murders was intentionally left out in the search warrant request. The defense team also claims that suspects with alleged connections to Odinism were not properly investigated and clears Allen of any involvement with Odinism, pagan religions, or white nationalist groups.

4. Controversial Evidence

The lawyers argue that runes, symbolic markings associated with Odinism, were found in the crime scene. Additionally, they mention social media posts by an unnamed man who allegedly mimicked the runes and taunted the police. Although law enforcement eventually cleared this individual as a suspect, Allen’s defense team questions their decision and highlights the potential significance of these clues.

5. Criticisms and Investigation Gaps

While Allen’s lawyers assert the potential link between Odinism and the murders, investigators from the Indiana State Police deny any involvement of Odinism in the case. They claim that the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit never made such a finding. Additionally, the defense team questions why the alleged Odinist suspects were ignored in the initial investigation and argues that the police failed to adequately explore the correlation between the crime scene and Odinism.


The Delphi murder case involving Liberty German and Abigail Williams has taken a new turn with Richard Allen’s defense team alleging the involvement of Odinism and white nationalist groups. While these claims are being contested by law enforcement, the potential link between the crime scene evidence and Odinism raises intriguing questions. As the investigation continues, the truth behind these allegations will hopefully be revealed, providing closure to the families of the victims and justice for the community of Delphi.


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