The i Podcast: Why did Rishi Sunak seek advice from Gordon Brown?


ThePodcast’s second episode features two extraordinary stories. First, we’re joined by our lobby team to talk about the unlikely friendship between Gordon Brown and the new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, and why they actually have more in common than you might imagine. Eleanor Peake also joins us to discuss the division among “gimps” and the reasons why one man in Essex is upset with the alleged “Somerset gimp” for tarnishing their collective reputations.

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Meanwhile, information regarding Rishi Sunak’s relationship with Gordon Brown, the Labour Prime Minister who ruled between 2007 and 2010, has been revealed by and his political editors Hugo Gye and Arj Singh. Hugo and Arj discuss the relationship with Molly Blackall and what it reveals about the new Government’s efforts to guide the UK through the economic crisis, according to insiders at Westminster.

What’s made the Essex Gimp angry?

Then we move on to Colchester, where a man who calls himself the Essex Gimp makes a name for himself by prowling the streets while wearing a full latex suit.

Eleanor Peake, a People writer, joins us to discuss his hobby and why he is so upset by the behavior of the Somerset Gimp after the story went viral online.

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