The Inspiring Journey: Uncovering Jessica Tarlov’s Father, Discover How ‘The Five’ Host’s Bond with Dad Guided her towards Pursuing a PhD!


Mark Tarlov: A Multifaceted Career and Tragic Battle

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Jessica Tarlov, a noted contributor on Fox News, comes from a family with numerous academic and career accomplishments, following in the footsteps of her father, Mark Tarlov.

Mark Tarlov, renowned as a film producer, didn’t confine himself to a single industry. Jessica and her father shared a close bond, making his death in 2021 deeply impactful for her.

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Who was Mark Tarlov?

Despite starting his career with a law degree from Columbia Law School, Mark initially worked as a speechwriter under Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger.

However, he ventured into the film industry after a stint as an attorney. His first project, ‘Christine,’ adapted from Stephen King’s novel and directed by John Carpenter, marked his foray into filmmaking.

Mark went on to produce notable films like ‘The Man Who Knew Too Little’ starring Bill Murray, ‘Copycat,’ and ‘Pecker’.

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Mark’s passion for wine drove him to open his vineyard, Evening Land Vineyards, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in 2006. Later, he founded Chapter 24 Vineyards in 2012, after leaving his first endeavor.

Mark Tarlov’s Battle with Cancer

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Mark Tarlov faced long-standing health issues that eventually developed into cancer.

According to his wife, Judith Roberts, Mark’s exposure to toxic chemicals after the 9/11 attacks in 2001 caused severe illness. Living near Ground Zero at the time led to his deteriorating health, as reported by The Hour.

Mark’s health declined, ultimately succumbing to his illness in July 2021. This happened shortly after Jessica’s wedding to Brian McKenna. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she expressed her plans to pursue another PhD at Columbia University alongside her father.

Jessica Tarlov and husband Brian McKenna were neighbors when they started dating (@JessicaTarlov/X)
Jessica Tarlov lost her father soon after she got married to Brian McKenna(@JessicaTarlov/X)

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