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According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, who conduct paranormal research, the chasm between the material and spiritual worlds would start to blur after 28 days. After all, the Lutz family spent the same amount of time in the infamous Amityville Horror house after encountering a number of demonic disturbances. 28 Days Haunted, a new reality series on Netflix, is founded on The Warrens’ theory.

In the social experiment, three paranormal investigation teams spend 28 days in three of America’s most haunted places without knowing where they are going in advance. Additionally, they are cut off from the outside world and lack even basic amenities like phones, TVs, radios, and camera crews. “This pushed me past my breaking point,”lead investigator Shane Pittman tweeted on Oct. 5.

The 28 Days Haunted teams were taken separately to three locations in Denver, Colorado; Preston, Connecticut; and Madison, North Carolina. During some of their drives to the haunted houses, the teams were blindfolded. Investigator Aaron G. stated, “There was no acting happening. In a recent interview with I-Rock 93.5 in Iowa and Illinois, Thompson, a member of the Connecticut team, admitted that he had serious doubts about whether he would ever leave the house alive.

Here are all the haunted locations the series visited, along with information on how you can have a supernatural encounter, in case that isn’t enough to put you off.

Captain Grant’s Inn — Preston, Connecticut

The Captain Grant’s Inn, which was built in 1754, is located in a region known for its witch trials in the 1600s and early 1700s. The owner and sea captain who gave the Connecticut house its name in the 19th century died while on an expedition, leaving behind his expectant wife, Mercy Adelaide, and their two children. Owner Carol Matsumoto wrote in her 2017 book, The Ghosts of Captain Grant’s Inn, “Although Mercy died in the 1800s, she still resides in the house, as does one of her children.” She claims that she is still awaiting the return of the captain.

The building is now a bed and breakfast and welcomes guests to rent rooms at the moment for rates between $169 and 199 per night. This includes the Adelaide room, which according to Matsumoto is the area of the house that is the most haunted.

Lumber Baron Inn — Denver, Colorado‌

The Lumber Baron Inn is one of the most spooky places in the world, according to the Denver Post. That might be the case because the 1890-built structure was the scene of the 1970 murders of two teenagers, Marrianne Weaver and Cara Lee Knoche, whose killer was never found. Chris Moon, a Denver-based paranormal investigator, told the newspaper that he has spoken to Weaver and Knoche and that the house is the most active place he has ever investigated for ghosts.

The historic Denver B&B welcomes guests in addition to hosting weddings. Currently, nights in a room cost between $229 and $259 each.

Madison Dry Goods — Madison, North Carolina

Charlie Lawson killed his wife, six of his seven children, and himself on Christmas Day 1929. The bodies of all eight family members were transported to the T.B. for embalming. The location of Knight Funeral Home is now Madison Dry Goods in North Carolina. All of the original hotel rooms from when it first opened in 1908 are still there and are used as a free museum of local and regional history, including the Lawson family murders. According to the building’s current owner Richard Miller, there are ghosts inside, including a young girl.

Four people have seen her, but I’ve never seen her, he said. Years ago, I was in this room, and she must have been looking out the window because the man asked if my daughter was present and working alongside me. . . . Three years ago, one child grabbed his father’s arm and declared, “I’m not going up there.” I’ve had a few kids who won’t go down the hallway. There’s a little girl standing there.

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