The Most Infuriating Aspect Of “The Watcher” Is The Costumes


Have you ever screamed at your television like a Republican dad watching Fox News while watching a show? That’s what happened to me on Friday night, but it wasn’t because of fake outrage propaganda; rather, it was because of the Brannock family’s offensively neutral attire.

Dean’s (Bobby Cannavale) camel hat, jacket, shirt, pants, and shoes (I’m not exaggerating) were the first thing I noticed when I started watching The Watcher. The family’s violently khaki attire infuriated me more than the ending’s lack of a conclusion, which annoyed me to no end. The aesthetic persisted throughout the entire series, so much so that I would be unable to unsee it even if I tried.

Dean maintained his full-body tan appearance throughout episode one, only occasionally switching to a groutfit. A few examples include the gray robe with charcoal pants and a heather gray top, the tan suit with a tan tie and tan shirt, and the gray suit with a matching shirt and tie.

Nora’s (Naomi Watts) appearance was similarly monochromatic, with a lot of beachy, whitewashed tones. The creative mother wore layers of textured suburbanite gray or ivory from head to toe (probably to advertise her occupation as a potter). When Nora wasn’t donning those gloomy hues, she was stealing her husband’s preference for an all-camel outfit.

We get it, they’re white and wealthy, to borrow a phrase from another irate viewer (heh).

I felt the relentless color scheme to be just as aggressive as the enigmatic letters because I’m a career Fashion Person. And a quick search on Twitter showed that I wasn’t the only one who was enraged. The bizarre costume design choice made by Netflix is currently the subject of numerous complaints on the app.

You can miss me in those clothes, but you can give me spooky letters any day.


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