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Josh Guimond, a 20-year-old college student, left a small party on November 9, 2002, without saying a word, and he was never heard from again. His family is still in the dark 20 years later. The episode “What Happened to Josh?” from Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 revisits the case and offers a number of theories in an effort to shed light on Guimond’s puzzling disappearance. Unsurprisingly, Reddit detectives have also added to the discussion, and a number of their theories concur with those that were presented in the episode.

He was seen by two witnesses on the St. Thomas University campus walking on the bridge close to Stumpf Lake. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, around the same time that he left a poker game without warning. One bloodhound led them down to the water as a police K9 unit followed his trail to the bridge. The most likely scenario seemed to be that Guimond, who had consumed alcohol at the party, fell into the lake. However, the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office came to the conclusion that his body was not in the water after conducting a thorough search.

Nick Hydukovich, with whom friends had overheard Guimond arguing the night before he vanished, was soon the target of suspicion. Many people believed it was because Hydukovich began dating Katie Benson, his high school sweetheart, months after they broke up after a four and a half-year relationship. In the Unsolved Mysteries episode, Hydukovich and Benson both made an appearance. Aside from a few fleeting kisses, they denied ever being anything more than friends. Even so, there were discrepancies in their timelines because they were present the night Guimond vanished. In the meantime, Hydukovich cancelled a scheduled polygraph examination, citing his concern about a false positive in the Netflix true-crime series.

The series and a Reddit user both noted that St. One month prior to Guimond’s disappearance, John’s was in the news for resolving a dozen allegations of monk sexual abuse at the campus Abbey. According to CBS News, Guimond’s father, Brian, discovered that both his son’s dorm and the one where he was last seen were under the supervision of the monks who had been credibly accused of past abuse.

According to Unsolved Mysteries, the family hired their own bloodhound team, which followed Guimond’s scent to St. John’s Abbey, but no additional proof was discovered there. Brian thought his son was researching the monk’s sexual misconduct, but investigators found nothing on his computer relating to that (police were also “skeptical” of that particular K9 team’s accuracy at the time).

Nevertheless, Guimond’s computer provided the detectives with what they consider to be their most likely lead. Although someone broke into his dorm room a few days after he vanished and ran an internet washer, new technology in 2008 made it possible for police to recover the deleted files. They found out that Guimond had been using Yahoo! Personals, online chat with other men, and occasionally posing as a woman.

They thought Guimond was investigating his sexuality and looking online for “casual encounters.” At about the same time, there were two separate reports on campus of a man dropping off other men on campus in an orange Pontiac Sunfire, one of whom fled when security approached the vehicle. The driver was found, but he refused to provide any further details, and the car was destroyed before an investigation could be carried out.

The “most likely avenue or theory,” according to the detectives at the end of the Unsolved Mysteries episode, is that Guimond’s disappearance was caused by someone he met online. The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office is now looking for fresh leads to help solve Guimond’s case, nearly 20 years after it was first reported. They discovered 28 men’s dating profile photos on Guimond’s hard drive, and on October 21, 2022, they published the collection. This collage was also featured in the Netflix episode.

The post asks anyone who recognizes any of the men or has any information about Guimond’s disappearance to get in touch with their office because “these individuals remain unidentified and they may be able to provide information related to Joshua’s disappearance.”


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