The owner of a moor believes that Keith Bennett, 12, will soon be found, decades after his death.

The owner of 5,000 acres of land in the Saddleworth Moor region of England, where Ian Brady and Myra Hindley hid their victims, has expressed his optimism that police will find Keith Bennett’s remains soon. Chris Crowther, a farmer, declared that he would keep working with the Greater Manchester Police because he had promised to find Bennett’s dying mother.

According to reports, since Friday, September 30, when author Russell Edwards, who is investigating Brady and Hindley’s victims, called them to inform them that he had reportedly discovered human remains in the same area, authorities have been excavating on Crowther’s property. Crowther further asserted that there were excellent chances that Bennett would be discovered during this new investigation because the body of another victim, John Kilbride, had only been discovered there in 1965.


Keith Bennett, a victim in the Moors murders, has a brother who is “frustrated” by reports that the boy’s remains have been found.

Police begin searching for victim Keith Bennett as the skull is found after 57 years in the Moors Murders.

According to reports, Hindley and Brady abducted and killed five children between July 1963 and October 1965, including Bennett. Bennett, who was abducted in June 1964 as he made his way to his grandmother’s home, was a 12-year-old boy when they killed themselves. They left no indication of where they buried Bennett.

Crowther then declared that he would carry out Bennett’s late mother Winnie’s final request. According to reports, Winnie had just before passing away from cancer in 2012. “I’ll be happy if they find Keith,” he said, “because Winnie came up to see me when she was really sick with cancer. She asked me to continue looking for Keith when she came up for a cup of coffee. I replied, “Yeah, every time I go out there, I’ll look and see what I can see.” She then said, “When you are gathering sheep, keep looking, keep looking Chris, will you promise me you will keep looking?”

“Ever since, I have been searching for anything that might have provided a hint as to Keith’s location. I have been looking for a long time. Keith and John Kilbride won’t be that far apart, as I have always predicted. He’ll arrange to get them both together. The 65-year-old continued, “He put the girls together and he’ll [have] put the lads together.

While this was going on, Bennett family member Alan criticized Edwards, writing on Facebook, “Maybe that bloke should return to the moor and be a lot more accurate about the facts and location of his find. There is much more I would like to say and ask, but I will restrain myself for the time being out of respect and gratitude for the forensic team and the cold case team.

Before making this post, Alan said, “I think my final thoughts for the day have to be: What started as a ‘Possible fragment of human jawbone,’ became the ‘Skull of a 12 year old,'” in reference to a piece of bone that appeared in the press. No matter how long it takes to excavate the site, the forensic team will find out what is there for all time. These are the current facts. When we last spoke, they said they had dug down about three feet and had found absolutely nothing on the moor.

“Aside from thinking that this is the incorrect location for Keith and that every previous grave was shallow, why, if the police were called, have they not yet found anything? Although I can’t shake the feeling that we have been here before, everything ought to be resolved by tomorrow evening.

Additionally, on Saturday, October 1, senior investigating officer Cheryl Hughes stated, “Specialist officers have today resumed excavation of a site identified to us following information received which indicated that potential human remains had been found on the Moors. These details included images of the location, which experts collaborating with the informant identified as a human jaw bone. There is no known physical proof of a jawbone or skull. However, based on the images and details offered, and in keeping with GMP’s custom of investigating any claims of human burial, we started looking for the site of interest.

“While we have not discovered any identifiable human remains, excavation work at the site is still ongoing. We may need more time to finish the excavation because of the challenging conditions, but we’re committed to doing it as thoroughly as we can,” Hughes said.

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