The victim’s family begs the serial killer Peter Tobin to reveal where her body is, saying that he is “at death’s door.”

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Vicious serial killer Peter Tobin’s condition is reportedly “at death’s door” and is rapidly deteriorating.

The 76-year-old was seen chained to a hospital bed as he spent his fifth week in a Scottish NHS facility following emergency treatment for his broken hip. He is currently serving life sentences for the murders of Luisce Kay, Vicky Hamilton, and Dinah McNicol, Jessie Earl, and a few others. Tobin, who has cancer, fell in prison and sustained a life-threatening injury.

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He hasn’t gone back to HMP Edinburgh, according to a report by The Daily Record. Tobin is currently under guard in the hospital, and a source claimed that “He’s not getting any better, in fact, his condition is getting worse.” Even Tobin’s ex-wife Cathy Wilson was contacted by the outlet, who only responded with “good” when informed of his situation.

Families of his victims are pleading with him to come clean because of his condition. Nicola Stork, whose sister Louise Kay was one of Tobin’s victims, reportedly stated, “I don’t want Tobin to die because it means we might never know but I’ve got no sympathy if he’s in pain,” according to Daily Record. Louise’s fate will likely remain unknown if he passes away before telling us what happened to her or where she is. I’m hoping he will confess so the police can question him and extract information from him.

In June 1988, Kay, who was 18 at the time, vanished from Beachy Head close to Eastbourne. She was rumored to be dozing off in her vehicle. But neither she nor her vehicle were discovered by the officer. Her family said she had met a enigmatic man and had asked him for money for gas before disappearing. David Swindle, a retired detective superintendent who helped catch Tobin, claimed to have been a waiter at an Eastbourne hotel when she vanished. The policeman discovered that he had connections with junkyards and had previously sold hand-painted cars. At the time, it was believed that Tobin had painted her car and concealed his crime by selling it.

Louise Kay (screenshot from Sussex Serious Crime Watch/ YouTube)

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