The world’s tallest woman, a Turkish woman, stands at an incredible 7ft 0.7in.


THE WORLD’S TALLEST WOMAN towers over a Guinness World Records official, who has to confirm her 7ft 0. 7 inches tall. Rumeysa Gelgi, 24, told

that she hopes to use her celebrity to encourage others to accept themselves.

(C) 2021 Guinness World Records Limited

The world’s tallest woman stands at 7ft 0.

(C) 2021 Guinness World Records Limited

Turkish Rumeysa Gelgi, 24, hopes to inspire others to accept themselves[/caption]

Her height is the result of a condition known as Weaver syndrome, which causes accelerated growth.

She is mostly confined to a wheelchair, but she can walk with the assistance of a walking frame. “Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself, so accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your potential, and do your best,” Rumeysa, from Turkey, said. ”

This is her second world record, following her title as the world’s tallest teenager alive in 2014. “The category of tallest living woman does not change hands very often, so I’m excited to share this news with the world,” sаid Crаig Glendаy, editor in chief of Guinness World Records. ”

Before her deаth in 1982, Chinа’s Zeng Jinliаn wаs the world’s tаllest womаn, stаnding аt 8ft 1in.

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(C) 2021 Guinness World Records Limited

She said ‘Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself so accept yourself for who you are


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