Tottenham fans criticize Harry Kane for downplaying significance of not winning.


Harry Kane has taken a subtle swipe at his former club Tottenham Hotspur, stating that it “wasn’t a disaster” if they failed to win. The 30-year-old recently made a £104 million move to Bayern Munich and has already made an impact in Germany, scoring three goals in three Bundesliga appearances. Bayern currently sit second in the league table and have a reputation for their winning mentality. Kane praised the club’s mindset, emphasizing the expectation to win every game. However, his comments have not been well-received by Tottenham fans, who feel that he has disregarded the club’s efforts and opportunities to win trophies.

Kane’s departure from Tottenham marks a significant change in his career. Having spent his entire professional career at the club, he had become a talismanic figure and achieved great individual success. However, his desire to win trophies led him to make the move to Bayern Munich, a club known for its winning culture and consistent success.

Since joining Bayern, Kane has hit the ground running and quickly adapted to his new surroundings. His goal-scoring form has been crucial for Bayern as they aim to secure their 12th consecutive league title. The club currently sits level on points with Bayer Leverkusen at the top of the Bundesliga table. Kane’s comments about the club’s mentality reflect their determination to maintain their winning streak and dominate the league.

Despite his success at Bayern, Kane’s remarks have caused a stir among Tottenham fans. Many view his comments as disrespectful towards the club that nurtured his talent and provided him with numerous opportunities to win trophies. Some fans feel that Kane has “bottled” the chance to win silverware with Tottenham and that any trophies he may win at Bayern will not change that perception.

Critics have pointed out that Kane has had multiple opportunities to win trophies with Tottenham but has come up short each time. The 2019 Champions League final, the 2021 Carabao Cup final, and the Euro 2020 final are just a few examples of missed opportunities for both Kane and the club. Furthermore, Kane had a chance to win a trophy on his Bayern Munich debut in the Supercup, but the team suffered a 3-0 defeat to RB Leipzig.

It is clear that Kane’s comments have struck a nerve with Tottenham fans who have supported him throughout his career. They did not expect him to publicly downplay the importance of winning at Tottenham and are disappointed that he seemingly hasn’t fully appreciated the club’s efforts to compete for silverware. Kane’s move to Bayern Munich may bring him success, but he will need to win over disheartened Tottenham supporters who once regarded him as one of their own.

In conclusion, Harry Kane’s subtle dig at his former club Tottenham Hotspur has caused controversy among fans. While his move to Bayern Munich has been successful so far, his comments about Tottenham not winning being “not a disaster” have angered supporters. They feel that he has dismissed the club’s efforts and missed opportunities to win trophies. Kane will have to work to regain the support and trust of Tottenham fans who once idolized him.


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