Trolls disagree with Amanda Bynes’ claim that the nude woman in the viral bathtub photo is not her.


This week, a nude photo of Amanda Bynes, 36, went viral on Twitter, with some users speculating that it was sent from the actress’ burner account. According to TMZ, Bynes has denied the allegations, claiming that the photo is a forgery. She went on to say that she “never takes nude photographs like the one circulating the Internet purporting to be her,” and that she had no connection to the account that shared the photo.

In the photo provided by Twitter user @PersianLa27, a naked woman with pink hair is seen from behind on all fours while taking a bath. Bynes’ lawyer, Tamar Arminak, claimed that the woman in the photo is not Bynes and that her legal team has been trying to get the account taken down for years without success. According to Arminak, Twitter has ignored their requests to remove the account because it is a “celebrity parody page.”

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