Trump’s Dire and Chilling Admonition Sends Shivers Down your Spine, Heightening Worries about Iran’s Looming Threat


Donald Trump Criticizes Biden’s Deal to Secure Release of American Hostages from Iran

Former President Donald Trump issued a warning on Monday regarding President Joe Biden’s deal to secure the release of five United States citizens who were detained by Iran. Trump, who is running in the 2024 Republican primary election, criticized the deal and touted his own efforts to retrieve hostages during his administration. In a Truth Social post, he stated that he brought 58 hostages home without paying anything and claimed that paying for hostages would encourage the capture of more Americans.

Biden’s Controversial Deal and its Concessions to Iran

Biden’s deal, which was announced in August after two years of negotiations, has faced scrutiny due to its concessions to Iran. The Biden administration agreed to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian oil funds held in a South Korea bank and return five Iranian prisoners with charges in the U.S. in exchange for the release of the five American hostages. Critics argue that this deal could jeopardize national security or incentivize the capture of more Americans.

Trump denounced the deal and highlighted his own hostage retrieval efforts during his administration. He emphasized that he never paid anything for the release of hostages and claimed that countries stopped asking for money because they knew they wouldn’t receive it. Trump criticized Biden’s decision to pay $6 billion for five hostages, while Iran did not pay anything for the exchange.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally on April 27 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Trump issued a warning on Monday about Iran following President Joe Biden’s deal to secure the release of five Americans detained in the country.
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The Released Hostages and Tense U.S.-Iran Relations

The critique from Trump came shortly after a plane carrying the five American hostages, along with two family members who were previously barred from leaving Iran, departed the country. The deal follows strained relations between the U.S. and Iran due to Tehran’s nuclear program.

Three of the released American hostages have been identified as Siamak Namazi, Emad Sharghi, and Morad Tahbaz, while the identities of the remaining two have not been disclosed. Namazi had been detained since 2015, while Sharghi and Tahbaz were arrested in 2018.

It is worth noting that Trump has been critical of Biden’s previous deals to secure the release of U.S. citizens from the custody of adversaries. For instance, he criticized Biden’s deal to secure the release of WNBA player Brittney Griner, who was held in Russia for possession of cannabis products, in exchange for notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. Trump questioned the prioritization of Griner’s release over the capture of a dangerous arms dealer responsible for harming Americans.

While Trump claimed that he never paid anything for the release of hostages, his administration did make concessions in hostage deals. In 2019, American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks were traded in exchange for three Taliban leaders. The following year, the U.S. returned an Iranian scientist just days before Iran released Marine Michael White from custody, although officials denied that this was a direct prisoner swap.

Biden Administration’s Defense of the Hostage Exchange

The Biden administration has defended the hostage exchange, with State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller stating that tough decisions had to be made in negotiations. Miller clarified that the $6 billion will be held in a secure account in Qatar and can only be used for humanitarian purposes, ensuring that the funds won’t have detrimental effects.

“There were five American citizens who have been jailed under brutal conditions, one of them for more than eight years. And the secretary and the president decided that we need to do everything we can to bring them home, and that’s what we’re doing,” Miller explained.

Biden also issued a warning, advising anyone with U.S. passports not to travel to Iran and reiterating the long-standing travel warning issued by the State Department. The White House emphasized that Americans should not expect their release to be guaranteed if they choose to travel to Iran, given the risk of kidnapping and arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens in the country.

Overall, Trump’s criticism of Biden’s deal to secure the release of American hostages from Iran showcases the ongoing political debates and differing approaches in hostage negotiations. While Trump emphasizes his own no-payment policy, Biden’s administration defends its decision to secure the release of detained U.S. citizens through negotiations that involved concessions. The repercussions and implications of such deals on national security and future hostage situations remain topics for debate.


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