Twists and Turns: Uncover the Untold Stories of Fallen NCIS Stars


it’s not like a priority, but if they do I’ll sign,” Itzen said. “It’s all nice stuff to have in life.” He also laughed off suggestions that former President Logan was cut from the same corrupt cloth as the real-world U.S. commander in chief, Richard Nixon. His portrayal of Logan was “totally Nixonian,” he told HuffPost. “NCIS” showrunner Gemmill recalled Itzen in a statement for Deadline. “We lost a very special member of our ‘NCIS’ family,” Gemmill said, adding, “We were all so fortunate to have spent so much time with him, to get to know him, and experience his talent.” He concluded, “Greg will be remembered one way or another in every episode of ‘NCIS.’ Know we wish him peace.”

In recent years, several actors who had roles in the various “NCIS” series have passed away. Though these performers are no longer with us, their presence and impact on the show will always be remembered. Miguel Ferrer, a talented actor from a well-renowned Hollywood family, was a beloved part of “NCIS: Los Angeles” until his death in 2017 from throat cancer at the age of 61. His character, Owen Granger, was an integral part of the show, and his loss was deeply felt by the cast and crew. Similarly, Ralph Waite, known for his iconic role as the patriarch in “The Waltons,” made a lasting impact as Jackson Gibbs in “NCIS.” Following his passing from natural causes in 2014, the show paid tribute to Waite in a special episode, allowing his character to say goodbye. Charles Durning was another veteran character actor who guest-starred in a single episode of “NCIS,” leaving behind an impressive legacy of work on both stage and screen upon his death in 2012 from natural causes at the age of 89. Finally, Annie Wersching, best known for her role in “24,” guest-starred in a 2010 episode of “NCIS” and later passed away from cancer in 2023 at just 45 years old, leaving a profound impact on her family, friends, and fans. Gregory Itzen, who appeared in multiple roles across two different seasons of “NCIS,” also left behind an extensive body of work upon his death in 2022, as well as a lasting impression on the “NCIS” series. While these actors may be gone, their contributions to “NCIS” and the entertainment industry as a whole will never be forgotten.


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