Unbreakable Bonds: Derek Hough’s Everlasting Kinship with Brooks Laich – A Fascinating Connection That Endures!


Are Derek Hough and Brooks Laich Still Close?

Derek Hough and Julianne Hough are one of the entertainment world’s favorite brother-sister duos, and their close relationship is loved by many. When Julianne got engaged to Brooks Laich in 2015, Derek was not only happy for his sister but also for his future brother-in-law. In an interview with People, Derek expressed his excitement, saying, “I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. I knew that it was happening within the first month they were dating.” He also had nothing but praise for Laich, describing him as “the best” and sharing how they spent time together, saying, “We went surfing yesterday. We’ve been hanging out a lot. He’s a good guy.”

Derek Hough as Brooks Laich’s Groomsman

Derek and Laich’s bond was so strong that Derek was invited to be Laich’s groomsman at the wedding. Even after Julianne and Laich started their divorce process in 2020 and finalized it in 2022, Derek’s friendship with Laich remained unbroken. As reported by People, Laich was one of Derek’s groomsmen when Derek married Hayley Erbert on August 26. It might have been an awkward situation for the exes, but considering the strong bond between Derek and Laich, it wasn’t surprising. In fact, just weeks after Julianne and Laich announced their separation, Derek and Laich spent quality time together, including a workout session for Derek’s birthday, as shared by People. Their friendship has clearly persisted and remained strong.

The Upset Over Derek and Brooks’ Friendship

Julianne Hough, however, reportedly wasn’t too thrilled about her brother’s close friendship with her ex-husband. According to an insider who spoke to OK! in March, Julianne didn’t expect Derek to take sides, but she also didn’t anticipate him remaining close with Laich. The insider revealed, “[Julianne] never asked Derek to take sides. But when her marriage ended she figured his friendship with Brooks would as well.” The source also mentioned that Derek and Laich enjoyed working out and partying together, and it appeared that Brooks had become like a brother to Derek over the seven years that Julianne and Laich were together. Julianne was concerned that Derek might be sharing private details about her life to Laich during their hangouts.

Sisterly Support for Derek’s Wedding

Despite the potential tension caused by Derek and Laich’s friendship, Julianne put her feelings aside for the sake of her brother’s happiness. She not only attended Derek’s wedding but also served as a bridesmaid for his new bride, Hayley Erbert. According to Hollywood Life, Julianne was excited about gaining a sister and eagerly provided input for the wedding planning. She wanted to officially welcome Hayley into the family and embrace her as a sister. Despite any concerns she may have had about Derek’s friendship with Laich, Julianne showcased her support and excitement for her brother’s new chapter in life.

In conclusion, Derek Hough and Brooks Laich have managed to maintain a strong friendship even after Julianne Hough and Laich divorced. Their bond remains unbroken, despite Julianne reportedly being upset about their close relationship. Derek’s friendship with Laich even extended to including him as a groomsman at Derek’s wedding. In contrast, Julianne put her feelings aside and fully supported her brother’s wedding, showcasing her excitement about gaining a sister. While personal relationships may evolve and change, the connection between Derek and Laich remains steadfast.


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