Unemployed Super Bowl champion with $128m in career earnings possibly joining Jets after Aaron Rodgers’ injury.


When Aaron Rodgers suffered a devastating Achilles injury in his debut for the New York Jets, it left a void at the quarterback position. The injury forced the 2021 Draft’s No. 2 overall pick, Zach Wilson, to step up and take the helm of the squad. Despite some impressive moments, there are still lingering questions about Wilson’s ability to lead the team. That’s where former No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz comes into the picture.

Wentz, who was released by the Washington Commanders in February, is currently a free agent and available to sign with any team. With his experience and accolades, many believe he could be a strong candidate for the starting quarterback role of the Jets. Wentz has played seven years in the NFL, earning a Pro Bowl selection and winning the Super Bowl in 2017.

In August, Wentz took to Instagram to share a picture of himself training, preparing for the new NFL season. He captioned the image: “Back in the lab… just looks a little different so far this year.” This post gave fans and teams alike a glimpse into Wentz’s dedication and determination to succeed.

However, finding a new NFL home has proven to be a challenge for Wentz after his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite his accomplishments and talents, he has faced setbacks and injuries that have derailed his career. Yet, he remains resilient and continues to work towards his goals.

In his career, Wentz has amassed 22,129 passing yards and thrown 151 touchdowns. These numbers speak to his abilities as a quarterback and his potential impact on any team. Many believe that given the right opportunity, Wentz can excel and lead a team to success.

The decision-makers of the Jets are aware of the need for a strong quarterback, especially after Rodgers’ injury. They are set to meet and discuss their plans for the position moving forward. Currently, Zach Wilson is still the starting quarterback, but the potential addition of Wentz could bring a new level of competition and skill to the team.

In conclusion, Carson Wentz’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, but he remains a talented quarterback with a lot to offer. The New York Jets, with their current uncertainty at the position, could be the ideal landing spot for Wentz. His experience, accolades, and determination make him a strong contender for the starting quarterback role. The decision-makers of the Jets will undoubtedly take this into consideration as they discuss their plans for the future.


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