Unleash Your Inner Word Wizard! Get Exclusive Hints, Pro Tips, and Unveil the Answers for Today’s Thrilling ‘Wordle’ Challenge – September 19!


Wordle: The Viral Word Game Explained

Wordle, the viral word game created by New York-based software engineer Josh Wardle, has taken the world by storm. Its simplicity is one of the factors contributing to its immense popularity. In this article, we will dive deep into the mechanics of Wordle and explore the reasons behind its appeal.

The Concept of Wordle

In Wordle, players are challenged to guess a new five-letter word within six attempts or fewer. After each guess, the letters light up to provide clues. A green letter indicates that it is both in the word and in the correct position. A yellow letter signifies that the letter is in the word but not in the position guessed. Lastly, a gray letter means that it is not included in the word at all.

Josh Wardle’s Insightful Design

In an interview with Newsweek in January 2022, Wardle revealed the reasoning behind choosing five-letter words for his game. He explained that he experimented with different word lengths and the number of allowed attempts during the prototype phase. Through refinement, he found that five letters and six tries struck the perfect balance between challenge and achievability. It provided players with a sense of accomplishment while keeping them engaged.

The Acquisition and Continuing Popularity

Later that same month, Wardle sold Wordle to The New York Times for an undisclosed seven-figure sum. Despite the acquisition, the game remains free to play, maintaining its accessibility to a wide audience. Wordle’s success has also inspired similar online word games like Nerdle, Dordle, Quordle, and Worldle, catering to various interests and enthusiasts.

Cracking the Code: Wordle Hints and Tips

If you’re looking to enhance your Wordle skills, Newsweek has compiled five clues to help you solve the puzzle. Here are the hints:

  1. Hint #1: The answer contains two vowels.
  2. Hint #2: There are no repeated letters.
  3. Hint #3: Synonyms for Tuesday’s Wordle include “shut.”
  4. Hint #4: The final letter is a vowel.
  5. Hint #5: One of the first three letters in the alphabet features.

The Solution: Wordle #822, September 19

The answer to Wordle puzzle #822 is “close.” With two vowels and a common word, this may not have been the most challenging puzzle, but it still offered enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. If you managed to solve it, congratulations! If not, don’t be discouraged; a new Wordle challenge awaits you every day, providing an opportunity to improve. Stay tuned to Newsweek for more Wordle hints and tips.

Exploring the Meaning of “Close”

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “close” has multiple definitions. It can mean “to move so as to bar passage through something” or “to bring to an end or period.” For instance, you can “close the gate” or “close an account.” Additionally, “close” can denote proximity, as in the sentence, “I don’t know where Tom is, but I think he’s close.”


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