Unleashed Elegance: A Lavish Arrival of Countless Minks, Freely Roaming the County after Release from Fur Farm


Thousands of Minks Escape from Pennsylvania Fur Farm

In a shocking incident over the weekend, thousands of minks were set loose from a fur farm in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. The local animal hospital, Sunbury Animal Hospital, issued a warning urging people to avoid approaching these animals as they can be aggressive and potentially dangerous. The Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission are currently investigating the incident, which resulted in about 7,000 minks escaping.

Minks on the Loose

The Sunbury Animal Hospital took to Facebook to inform the public about the incident. They reported that an unknown number of minks managed to escape from the fur farm. As a result, minks can now be found all over the area surrounding the animal hospital. These animals should not be approached or taken into homes or rescues, as they are not domesticated pets. The hospital emphasized the need to keep a safe distance if one of these minks were to approach.

The Break-In

According to The Daily Item, a newspaper in Sunbury, the state police in Stonington confirmed that someone had cut holes into the fence surrounding the fur farm, allowing the minks to escape. This criminal act led to the sudden release of thousands of minks into the surrounding area. Authorities are working diligently to bring those responsible to justice.

The Great Escape

Local news station WNEP reported that a game warden in Pennsylvania confirmed the break-in and stated that approximately 7,000 minks managed to escape the farm. The Pennsylvania Game Commission spokesperson also confirmed this number to Newsweek. It is indeed a significant number of minks now at large in the county.

A mink is pictured at a farm in Bording, Denmark, in 2020.

Community Assistance

The Sunbury community has come together to assist in the recovery of the escaped minks. Cassie Marks, a Sunbury resident, shared with The Daily Item that she and others helped retrieve some of the minks. They ensured not to touch the animals directly and transported them to a local hospital for further examination and care. This kind of community support is crucial in dealing with such unexpected situations.

Protecting Pets and Community

In light of the minks being on the loose, the Sunbury Animal Hospital provided valuable advice to residents in the area. They urged people to keep their pets inside whenever possible and to closely monitor them when they are outside. Additionally, they mentioned that setting traps to catch the minks would be greatly appreciated by the farmer. If a mink is successfully trapped, it can be brought to the animal hospital, where they will ensure its safe return. However, they emphasized the need to refrain from approaching or attempting to capture the minks by hand. Safety should always be the top priority.

About Minks

Minks are known as one of Pennsylvania’s “most efficient predators,” according to the state’s game commission. These animals typically inhabit areas near streams, lakes, and rivers. Adult males have an average length of 2 feet, including their 8-inch tail, and weigh approximately 1½ to 2 pounds. With their short legs, long bushy tails, and pointed muzzles, minks possess a distinct body configuration similar to that of a weasel. Their lustrous coat consists of a tight layer of underfur covered with longer guard hairs.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the security of fur farms to prevent harm to animals and ensure public safety. Authorities continue to investigate the incident and work towards capturing and returning the escaped minks to the farm. In the meantime, it is crucial for the community to remain vigilant and follow the advice provided by the Sunbury Animal Hospital to ensure the safety of both pets and residents in the area.


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