Unprecedented Alert: UK Set to Experience Highest Inflation at Staggering 7.2% in G7 Nations, OECD Reports!


UK Faces Highest Inflation Among Major Rich Countries, says OECD

The United Kingdom is projected to experience the highest inflation rate compared to other major wealthy nations, according to official forecasts released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This outlook poses a challenge to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s economic commitments, as the UK’s economic growth also lags behind most other G7 powers. However, the country is not expected to fall into a recession. The OECD’s assessment comes just a day before the release of updated inflation data from the Office for National Statistics, which will likely indicate an increase in the rate of price growth. Let’s delve deeper into the implications of these projections.

The UK’s Inflation Situation

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has promised to cut the inflation rate in half by the end of this year, aiming for a figure of around 5.2 percent by December. However, the OECD’s latest economic outlook suggests that inflation in the UK will average 7.2 percent this year. While this is lower than last year’s 9.1 percent, it still remains the highest inflation rate among the G7 nations. The previous forecast from the OECD, released in June, predicted an average inflation level of 6.9 percent. Although inflation is projected to decrease next year, with an average of 2.9 percent, it will still exceed the Bank of England’s 2 percent target.

Economic Growth and Recessions

The UK’s economic growth is forecasted to be weak, with an estimated rate of 0.3 percent this year, making it the second weakest among the G7 countries. Despite this sluggish growth rate, the country is expected to avoid a recession. The impact of high energy prices, which have reduced consumer spending power, as well as rising interest rates, are cited as primary factors contributing to the subdued growth. The OECD further states that the weakening economic activity in the United Kingdom and the euro area is a result of the delayed effects on incomes from the significant energy price shock experienced in 2022, coupled with the substantial reliance on bank-based finance in many European economies.

Response from the Chancellor

Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, commented on the OECD’s outlook by acknowledging the challenging global economic climate. He expressed optimism about the projected reduction in UK inflation to below 3 percent next year, highlighting the importance of halving inflation to achieve higher growth and improved living standards. Hunt pointed out that the UK has been one of the fastest countries in the G7 to recover from the pandemic. Furthermore, he cited the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stating that the UK will experience stronger long-term growth compared to Germany, France, and Italy.

Impending Inflation Data Release and Interest Rate Hike

Recent months have seen a significant decline in UK inflation. However, it is widely anticipated that Wednesday’s release of inflation data will show an increase due to rising global oil prices, resulting in higher costs for petrol and diesel. Following this, the Bank of England will announce on Thursday whether it intends to raise interest rates beyond the current level of 5.25 percent. These decisions will have a considerable impact on the UK’s economic prospects and consumer confidence.


The OECD’s economic outlook underscores the challenges that lie ahead for the UK. With the projection of the highest inflation among major rich countries and slower economic growth compared to its G7 counterparts, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will need to navigate these obstacles to fulfill the government’s economic pledges. The forthcoming inflation data and the Bank of England’s interest rate decision will shape the country’s economic landscape in the coming months. It is crucial for policymakers to strike a balance between taming inflation while promoting sustainable economic growth.


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