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Debris from Missing F-35 Fighter Jet Found in South Carolina

Officials at the Joint Base Charleston announced on Monday evening that they have located debris from the F-35 fighter jet that went missing on Sunday. The wreckage was discovered in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, with the assistance of local authorities and the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort. As the recovery team secures the debris field, the community has been advised to avoid the area. The incident command will be transferred to the U.S. Marine Corps as they initiate the recovery process.

A U.S. Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II flies past during a preview of the Singapore Airshow on February 13, 2022. Debris from an F-35 jet that went missing on Sunday was found by officials in Charleston, South Carolina, on Monday.

Missing F-35B Lightning II Fighter Jet

The missing aircraft is an F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter jet belonging to a training squadron with the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. The incident occurred on Sunday when the jet was involved in a mishap. Fortunately, the pilot ejected safely and was transferred to a local medical center in stable condition. The identity of the pilot and the exact cause of the mishap have not yet been disclosed. The U.S. Air Force uses the term “mishap” to encompass various unintended occurrences resulting in death, injury, illness, or property damage, according to the Air Force Safety Center website.

Recovery Efforts and Gratitude

Joint Base Charleston expressed their gratitude to mission partners, as well as local, county, and state authorities, for their unwavering support throughout the search. The military base will be transitioning the incident command to the U.S. Marine Corps as they commence the recovery process. Representatives from Newsweek have reached out to officials at the base for additional information regarding the incident.

Difficulty in Locating the Missing Jet

Locating the missing F-35B Lightning II jet proved to be a challenge due to its stealth capabilities. Jeremy Huggins, spokesperson for Joint Base Charleston, stated that these stealth jets are more difficult to detect compared to regular aircraft. The request for information on the whereabouts of the jet sparked widespread mockery online.

Advanced Technology and Cost

The F-35 fifth-generation fighters, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, are renowned for their advanced stealth capabilities. These cutting-edge jets are utilized by the U.S. Marine Corps, the British Royal Air Force, and the Italian Air Force. Each F-35 jet carries a price tag of approximately $80 million, making them a valuable asset.


Debris from the missing F-35 fighter jet has been located in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. The recovery process, led by the U.S. Marine Corps, is underway. The incident remains under investigation as officials work to determine the cause of the mishap. The community has been advised to steer clear of the debris field as the recovery team secures the area. The F-35B Lightning II is an advanced stealth fighter jet used by multiple military forces worldwide. Despite the challenges in locating the missing jet, the dedicated efforts of mission partners and authorities resulted in its discovery.

**Update 09/18/23 7:08 p.m. ET: This article has been updated with additional information and background.**


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