Unveiling Joe Rogan’s Empowering Journey: ‘JRE’ Podcast Host Opens Up About Overcoming Eating Disorder – A Terrifying Battle of Self-Discovery


Austin, Texas: Joe Rogan Opens Up About Anorexia on ‘JRE’ Podcast

In a recent episode of the popular ‘JRE’ podcast, UFC announcer Joe Rogan delved into the topic of eating disorders, specifically anorexia. Rogan, known for his dedication to fitness and health, shared his experiences with encountering individuals suffering from anorexia and expressed his concerns about the issue.

Joe Rogan’s Perspective on Anorexia

During episode #2035 of the JRE podcast featuring Brian Simpson, Rogan spoke candidly about his encounters with eating disorders. His discussion centered around a disturbing Instagram video he stumbled upon, which featured a young woman living with anorexia.

“You know what scares the sh*t out of me? That I have been seeing on Instagram is anorexics. There was some anorexic lady dancing on Instagram,” Rogan expressed his concern.

Rogan revealed that he discussed this matter with his daughter, who happened to know the famous Instagram user he mentioned. The woman in question is Eugenia Cooney, a 29-year-old influencer with over 600,000 followers. Unfortunately, Cooney’s battle with an eating disorder has contributed to her online fame, which deeply troubles Rogan.

Joe Rogan’s First Encounter With Anorexia

Rogan went on to share his experience of encountering an anorexic person during a yoga session. He recalled being shocked and saddened by the sight of a woman with severe physical deterioration due to her eating disorder.

“I used to do yoga with this anorexic lady. At the beginning of the class, I looked over and had to do one of these (a scary expression) because she was like 70 pounds. It made me so sad because you can fix that with food,” Rogan expressed his distress.

Joe Rogan’s heartfelt discussion about anorexia shines a light on the seriousness of eating disorders and the impact they can have on individuals’ lives. As a prominent figure in the fitness community, his perspective adds weight to the need for awareness and support for those struggling with these issues.


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