Unveiling the Enigmatic Rhian Sugden: Russell Brand’s Former Flame Breaks Silence, Praises His Benevolent Ways amidst Controversy


Title: Rhian Sugden Opens Up About Russell Brand: Former Model Shares Her Experience Amidst Controversial Allegations


In recent news, Rhian Sugden, a renowned former glamour model, and Russell Brand’s ex-girlfriend, has spoken out about her past relationship with the actor-comedian amidst a series of allegations made against him. Sugden, in a candid statement on X (formerly Twitter), shed light on her personal experience with Brand, denying any unpleasant encounters and expressing her support for the women coming forward.

Key Points:

1. Rhian Sugden’s Perspective:
– Sugden revealed that she briefly dated Russell Brand and disputed the recent allegations against him.
– Despite rumors suggesting otherwise, she mentioned that Brand treated her well during their time together.
– Sugden disclosed Brand’s involvement in the “No More Page 3” campaign as a result of being declined by other page 3 girls.
– Although unable to comment on the allegations against Brand, Sugden humorously remarked that he wasn’t the one that got away.

2. Insight into Rhian Sugden:
– Rhian Sugden is a former glamour model and the owner of What She Said, a company specializing in naughty and cheeky greetings cards.
– Sugden describes herself as a lingerie model and a part-time doodler who loves creating mildly offensive designs.
– She has a fondness for wordplay, retro interiors, petting dogs, green jelly babies, and pictures.
– While Sugden’s Twitter statement garnered attention, her company’s website showcases a range of creative products, some of which are her own designs.

3. Internet’s Response:
– The public reacted positively to Sugden’s statement, commending her for speaking out candidly and expressing her opinion.
– Several users appreciated the fact that Sugden shared her experience honestly and showcased her intelligence and maturity while doing so.

4. Russell Brand’s Response:
– Russell Brand denied the allegations made against him in a YouTube video, stressing that his past relationships were always consensual during his promiscuous phase.
– Brand questioned the motives behind these allegations and highlighted the coordinated attacks he believes he has faced in the past from media outlets with specific agendas.


Rhian Sugden’s recent disclosure about her past relationship with Russell Brand provides a unique perspective on the allegations against him. While Sugden reiterates that her personal experience with Brand was positive, she acknowledges that she cannot comment on the current accusations. As the situation develops, it remains crucial to approach these allegations with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved.


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