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A Bride’s Controversial Rules for Children at a Wedding Sparks Debate

Weddings are a joyous occasion where families come together to celebrate the union of two people. However, a recent viral Reddit post has stirred up controversy over a bride’s strict rules for children attending her wedding. The post, shared on the Two Hot Takes podcast page, recounts the frustrations of a man whose sister, Lisa, has imposed several regulations that he deems unfair.

The message from the bride-to-be states that babies and children will only be allowed after the wedding dinner and part of the reception. Furthermore, the maid of honor is prohibited from holding babies during the dinner to ensure smooth speech delivery. Additionally, babies will not be held during the ceremony, and children will be hosted at a nearby house for a stress-free evening. The list also specifies that no babies or children will be allowed at the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

The Dilemma

However, the man who posted the story elaborates on his predicament. His young child has type 1 diabetes, and he worries about managing their health during the wedding. He contemplates whether attending the wedding is worth the potential stress and responsibilities, as he and his partner must remain vigilant about their child’s blood sugar levels. The alternative is declining the invitation, but this could create familial tensions and disruptions during the event.

Expert Wedding Advice

Wedding expert Zoe Burke, editor of, weighed in on the matter. She acknowledges that whether or not to invite children to a wedding can be a delicate issue. Some parents may not feel comfortable leaving their children behind for various reasons. Burke suggests that the key is to respect parents’ decisions and consider their thoughts and feelings. For this particular situation, she acknowledges that relying on a third party to care for the children throughout the day is not an ideal setup. Ultimately, she advises the couple to be understanding if some parents choose not to attend the wedding due to its limitations.

The Community’s Reaction

The Reddit post has garnered significant attention, receiving around 8,500 upvotes and 3,200 comments. Most commenters express disapproval of the bride’s rules and recommend that the poster consider stepping down from the wedding party. They argue that while couples have the right to exclude children from their wedding, they must accept that some parents may not be able to attend due to medical concerns or other reasons.

One user suggests that the majority of the hassle could be avoided by declining the invitation to the wedding party. Another emphasizes that children are an integral part of a family and couples should expect that some parents may be unable to attend an event without their kids—particularly if there are health issues involved.

The Complexity of Family Dilemmas

Family dynamics can be challenging to navigate, and weddings often exacerbate tensions and differences. While the average wedding size in the U.S. in 2022 was approximately 117 guests, the interpersonal dynamics within these gatherings can be intricate.

When faced with similar family dilemmas, it’s important to consider the perspectives of all parties involved and strive for a solution that works for everyone. Ultimately, each individual must make decisions that prioritize their family and overall well-being.

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