Unveiling the Mystery: Tragic Fate of Ryan Clinkunbroomer – LA Deputy Fatally Shot in Patrolling Vehicle; Arrest of Suspect Adds Twists


Arrest Made in Shooting Death of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer: Kevin Cataneo Salazar in Custody

In a tragic incident, third-generation law enforcement officer Ryan Clinkunbroomer was found dead in his patrol vehicle on September 16, 2023. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has now made an arrest in relation to his fatal shooting. The alleged shooter, identified as Kevin Cataneo Salazar, was apprehended after an intense standoff in Palmdale.

According to the department’s Facebook page, Sheriff Robert Luna announced the arrest early on Monday, September 18. The arrest came approximately 36 hours after the murder, thanks to the efforts of the department and the community. The sheriff expressed his gratitude towards the courageous community members who aided in identifying the suspect.

The arrest of Kevin Cataneo Salazar followed the deployment of chemical agents by officers, eventually forcing the suspect to surrender. Luna commended the special enforcement bureau deputies for their professionalism and their commitment to a peaceful resolution. He emphasized that the suspect’s surrender was a contrast to the deadly encounter that claimed the life of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer just days earlier.

Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer’s Tragic Death

Ryan Clinkunbroomer was fatally shot while carrying out his routine patrol duties. He was ambushed while driving a marked patrol vehicle, wearing his full uniform. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department news release, Clinkunbroomer embodied values of bravery and selflessness while being committed to justice. Sheriff Luna described him as a devoted family member and a cherished community member.

The news of Clinkunbroomer’s death was initially reported by a bystander who discovered him unconscious in his vehicle on Saturday evening. The tragic incident has left his family and colleagues in shock, mourning the loss of a dedicated officer who served their community.

Sheriff Luna offered his condolences and support to Clinkunbroomer’s family, acknowledging the pain they are going through. He assured them of unwavering compassion and pledged to provide the necessary assistance and care during this difficult time.

Family’s Perspective on the Suspect

In an attempt to shed light on the suspect’s state of mind, Kevin Cataneo Salazar’s sister, Yessica Salazar, spoke out about her brother’s struggles with mental illness. She revealed that he suffered from schizophrenia, hearing voices that often caused erratic behavior. The family had tried to help him, but they wanted people to understand that he was not a coward. They believed that his actions were influenced by his mental health condition rather than malicious intent.

The investigation into the fatal shooting of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department or Crime Stoppers.


The arrest of Kevin Cataneo Salazar brings some relief and answers to the grieving family and colleagues of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer. As the investigation continues, the focus now shifts towards understanding the factors that led to this tragic incident and preventing such occurrences in the future.


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