Unveiling the Uncharted: The Captivating Examination of Janelle and Meri Brown’s Bond, Amidst ‘Sister Wives’ Star’s BNB Detour!


Flagstaff, Arizona: Sister Wives stars Janelle and Meri Brown appear to be on bad terms following their separation from Kody Brown. Their lack of social media posts about each other has fueled speculation about a possible fallout. Janelle’s recent Instagram post, where she mentioned staying at a different hotel in Kanab, Utah, raised eyebrows as she did not opt for Meri’s Bed and Breakfast. This added to the ongoing rumors of tension between the TLC co-stars.

In her caption, Janelle praised the retro boutique hotel she stayed at in Kanab, expressing her happiness and love for unique accommodations. She also asked her followers to suggest similar places to stay. Some users took the opportunity to ask if Janelle ever stayed at Meri’s B&B, and one even compared the photos Janelle shared to that of Meri’s establishment.

The strained relationship between Janelle and Meri has been evident in recent episodes of Sister Wives. In one episode, Kody accused Janelle of betraying him by turning the other sister wives against him. He claimed that it was Janelle who prompted Meri and Robyn to question their level of marital happiness. This accusation further fueled the rumors of a fallout between Janelle and Meri.

As the show continues, it is clear that Janelle and Kody are no longer together. Janelle made the decision to end her relationship with Kody after Christine. The breakdown of their marriage was well-documented in the newest season, with Kody expressing his feelings of not being respected by Janelle. He emphasized the importance of respect in a relationship and mentioned his struggles with feeling loved by Janelle.

Currently, Janelle is spending time with friends and family, as well as indulging in her love for travel. She recently documented a trip to Mexico and shared her experience of enjoying an evening on the beach. After Mexico, Janelle headed to Utah to hang out with Christine, Mykelti, and Aspyn for a couple of days. In addition to these activities, Janelle is also focusing on maintaining her physical fitness.

In conclusion, the strained relationship between Janelle and Meri Brown continues to be a topic of speculation among fans of Sister Wives. Janelle’s recent Instagram post, where she opted for a different hotel instead of staying at Meri’s B&B, added to the ongoing rumors. As the show unfolds, it becomes clear that Janelle and Kody are no longer together. Janelle is currently enjoying time with loved ones, traveling, and prioritizing her physical fitness. Stay tuned for more updates on Sister Wives and the dynamics between the Brown family.


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