Walmart offers 11% off on discontinued furniture, surprising fans.


Walmart is offering discontinued furniture at a discounted price of 11 percent off, making it a budget-friendly option for shoppers. One of the items included in this sale is the Baxton Studio lounge chair, originally priced at $174.70, but now available for only $154.34. The chair, known as the Nikko Mid-century Modern Scandinavian-style chair, features dark brown faux leather upholstery and wooden legs. Although the chair has been discontinued by the manufacturer, customers can still purchase it online from Walmart.

The chair comes with free shipping and can be delivered in less than two weeks from the time of purchase. However, there is some assembly required. To make the assembly process easier, Walmart offers the option of hiring professionals to assemble the chair for an additional fee of $79.00. In addition, Walmart provides two and three-year protection plans for $16 and $22, respectively.

Customers who have purchased the chair have given it positive reviews, with an average rating of four out of five stars. One shopper described it as a “great budget-friendly purchase” and complimented its comfort. Another customer praised the chair’s width, stating that it is suitable for individuals of all sizes and is solid and sturdy. According to this customer, the chairs can last for several years, as they have used six chairs in their coffee shop for seven years without any issues. They highly recommend the chairs to others.

However, some customers were not completely satisfied with their purchase. One shopper found the chair to be nice-looking but not comfortable to sit in. They also mentioned that the setup instructions could be improved. Another customer had difficulty assembling the chairs and noted that they are not ideal for larger-sized individuals. They also encountered issues with the alignment of the holes during assembly and decided to return the chairs.

Overall, Walmart’s offering of discontinued furniture at discounted prices provides customers with an affordable option for furnishing their homes. The Baxton Studio lounge chair, in particular, has received positive feedback from customers regarding its comfort and durability. However, it is essential to consider personal preferences and body types before making a purchase to ensure complete satisfaction with the product. With its convenient online ordering and delivery options, Walmart makes it easy for customers to take advantage of these discounted furniture offerings.


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