Was the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher “pre-planned”? Ex-cop suggests that while jogging, the teacher may have been stalked


Former Washington, DC homicide detective Ted Williams claims that the kidnapping of Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher was either “random” or “pre-planned,” and that’s what authorities are likely trying to determine as they look for the woman.

According to Memphis Police Station, Fletcher, 34, was kidnapped and forced into a dark SUV while driving close to the University of Memphis at around 4.20 am on Friday. Williams told Fox News Digital that “the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher in Memphis is suspicious for many reasons.” Williams said he has seen many such instances of criminals stalking their targets with regular running and exercise routes. “Law enforcement is trying to determine if this was a legitimate abduction or if it was pre-planned.”

Eliza Fletcher’s billion-dollar fortune is hidden inside her status as an heiress from Memphis.

Timeline of the Eliza Fletcher abduction: from a 4 a.m. jog to a massive search, police detain “suspect” as the clock runs out

Photos provided by Memphis Police Department show Eliza Fletcher running early Friday morning. (Memphis Police Department)

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