When Bill Clinton was president, Jeffery Epstein made 17 trips to the White House; here’s who he brought along.


Former President Bill Clinton was said to have had a close relationship with Jeffery Epstein, who reportedly visited the White House 17 times during his presidency. However, according to a new report, Epstein was never alone on those trips.

Epstein also frequently hosted Clinton aboard his plane, the Lolita Express, as we previously reported, but there were rarely any young girls present, according to pilot Larry Visoski. On Epstein’s trips to the White House, this does not appear to be the case. The disgraced financier appeared to be accompanied by “young women” at all times, but it’s unclear why. Epstein, who reportedly has photos of himself at the White House in his Palm Beach mansion, didn’t try to keep the visits a secret either.

Where did Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘child’ end up? Accuser saw a photo of a ‘nude pregnant’ socialite and reported her.

While 7,000 others were arrested for similar offenses under the Sex Offender Registration Act, NYPD gave Jeffrey Epstein a pass.

Despite the fаct thаt Epstein is no longer аlive аnd Mаxwell hаs been found guilty, the sex ring cаse аgаinst him continues to аttrаct аttention. The public’s interest is piqued in leаrning who wаs involved in the ring аnd whаt they knew. According to the most recent reports, Clinton, аs well аs Epstein’s girlfriends, could be centrаl chаrаcters.


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